Running A Day Spa - Things You Need To Do Before You Start

Running a day spa involves a lot of responsibilities like hiring licensed employees such as massage therapists. Check that their licenses are renewed and not expired. You will also need to hire hairstylists, facial specialists, manicurists, and assistants. It's best to get highly qualified workers who charge a little more than get someone who doesn't know how to cut hair or give a proper manicure. Make sure that they have pleasing personalities and excellent manners because working in a day spa involves very close contact with clients.

You also have to find a good spot for your salon. Location is important for the success of any business, including a spa business. Look for a place with a lot of traffic, both foot traffic and clients who come by car. The salon should be visible and provide a lot of parking space. Check zoning laws in the area to make sure you will be allowed to open a spa in that area.


Running a day spa also needs a bit of sophisticated flair. Decorate you spa to what appeals to your market. If you are going to service upscale clients, use good quality porcelain tiles for the floors, install good quality mirrors, choose your lighting well to be both functional and appealing to customers. Makeup artists prefer a certain type of lighting. You can have just a small section specifically for make-up and facials. Salons are supposed to be relaxing so lay off red paint or other loud colors.

Running A Day Spa - Things You Need To Do Before You Start

Once begin hiring workers, ask for reference and make sure that their licenses are renewed. Have them do procedures on you like a facial or massage to test if they are good at what they do. Crunch some number and find out if you should pay them a fixed monthly rate or offer them commissions. Some dayspas offer a small monthly rate but give commissions to employees.

Running a day spa also includes the responsibility to buy equipment and supplies. There are many supplies needed at a salon from nail polish to hair treatment solutions and massage oils. The list is pretty extensive. If you don't have a list of supplies yet, go to a massage or beauty school and ask them for a complete list of equipment and supplies you will need. They may also know where you can get cheap used equipment that are still in good shape. This can lessen the initial money you have to spend to open a spa.

Provide something special when customers visit your salon. Offer a nice refreshing drink or tea. Stick bottled water. Create an ambiance that spells P-A-M-P-E-R-I-N-G. Buy luxurious towels, soft linens, fluffy pillows, and comfortable massage tables. Have enough supplies of towels, robes, nail polish, etc. Make your clients feel like they are royalty for a day.

Direct more budget into promoting your salon that buying expensive new equipment. Good marketing can get more customers through your doors. Have some brochures and fliers printed prior to opening the salon so you can start spreading the word around town that you will be running a day spa in their area. Advertise in the local publications and have the local radio station advertise yours service a few days before opening.

Running a day spa involves more details than what we've just discussed here. There are more things to do before and after you open the salon. You have to manage earnings, train staff, buy cheap supplies, find affordable equipment, and keep learning new trends in the day spa industry. You can learn a lot by talking to people who have been in the business. Their experience and unbiased advice can come in handy for you. Look for a mentor who can guide you to success.

Running A Day Spa - Things You Need To Do Before You Start

If you are going to be running a day spa, find more info about the day spa business on

Lean Spa Acai - Review on the Excess Weight Reduction System

Are you focused on your unwanted fat? Are you finding challenging to wear your own favorites dress? Up coming there is the method referred to as Lean Spa Acai excess fat reduction program, which could undoubtedly help you fall a variety of body weight. It's by natural means created, that functions speedier and also gives in extensive extra fat reduction. The product is founded on the all natural medical power dietary method which includes extremely intoxicating material such as hydrooxycitric acid and also niacin bound chromium which helps to:

  • Burn away fat.
  • Reduce intake of foodstuff and regulate Appetite.
  • Raise the body fat burning capacity.
  • Lower your system excess fat and also Bmi

Lean Spa Acai functions in 3 ways to tone your own entire body.  

  1. That gives you stronger butts.
  2. That flattens your own abs.
  3. It gives you much more streamlined legs.


Lean spa Acai Berry involves such elements, which are designed to deliver you, best shape by burning your own fat from the bulging area of the entire body. Some ingredients contained in the supplement keeps up with the body excess fat, cholesterol, sugar level to improve energy fat burning capacity furthermore to fix working of insulin and also cardio health.

Lean Spa Acai - Review on the Excess Weight Reduction System

Lean spa acai berry is formulated with the all natural substances where all of its mixture is completely analyzed in its purity keeping in mind the overall health of mass. These all natural substances are further down:

  • Green Tea: That improves the metabolic process factor within you as it is anti-oxidant.
  • Garcinia Cambogia: HCA breaks the development of unwanted fat in your body.
  • Acai: It has the ideal anti-oxidant value.
  • Caffeine:That acts as a dietary assistance to raise the break down of excess fat oxidation.
  • Chromium: That assists to manage sugar and also insulin responses in the person making high-risk of condition.

This is exactly why, it is a total diet program for obtaining and also sustaining an exact body weight without executing workouts along with heading on a diet.

Lean Spa Acai - Review on the Excess Weight Reduction System

LeanSpa "Warning"

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Spa City of Bath: Seeing the Sights on a Budget

Anyone visiting Somerset's magnificent Bath soon who is running on tight budget during their stay might want to consider the many free or low-cost options for enjoying days out in the historical city. As the current climate is likely to be putting a bit of a squeeze on our pockets, you might think the idea of enjoying a holiday or a city break is too costly. Don't worry though, as here is a helpful and brief guide for saving money on your next visit to Bath.

Firstly, before you travel to the city, take look online and plan your visit by short listing all the attractions and places you would like to see during your stay. While you're surfing the internet, keep an eye out for any money-saving offers or discounts available at any of the attractions. Many of the most popular attractions and historical places within the city generally offer discount vouchers, like 2 for 1 or money off admission offers. A little time online doing some research can save a lot of money.


Make sure you add some of the many museums and art galleries into your itinerary, as many of these offer free or discounted admission to visitors; the city's Holburne Museum or the Victoria Art Gallery offer completely free entry all year-round. Here, you will be able to browse and enjoy the works of art by many leading artists from the 15th century to the present-day.

Spa City of Bath: Seeing the Sights on a Budget

The city features many exhibitions throughout the year, and a large portion of these offer free admission or welcome a small donation from visitors. One such exhibition is the Bath Blitz exhibition at the American Museum in Britain, situated at Claverton House. This was the original headquarters of No.32 (Balloon Barrage) Group from 1941 until 1944 and entry to this exhibition is free for visitors.

Guided walks around the city are organised weekly by the tourist information office, but a percentage of these guided walks are free for visitors to enjoy. What better way to see all the best sight's and historical attractions around the city and learn about the city's wonderful history than strolling through the streets, guided by an experienced guide with plenty of knowledge of this magnificent World Heritage city, which was inscribed by UNESCO in 1987?

Another great way to save money or stretch your budget further is to purchase a Bath Visitor Card from the local tourist information office, and then you will be able to make many other savings on a variety of the popular attractions, historic public buildings, restaurants and shops.

Spa City of Bath: Seeing the Sights on a Budget

Gregory Greene is writing on behalf of Royal Hotel Bath, the best choice for hotels in Bath or when choosing Bath hotels with a relaxing atmosphere.

Mold in Spas & Hot Tubs

We've seen White Water Mold (WWM) in swimming pools for almost 20 years. Now we are beginning to see it spas & hot tubs as well. WWM is a "naturally" ocurring fungus that can show up anywhere there is water or moisture.

Customers are calling and asking about and mentioning a "wet tissue like" substance on the surface(s) of the spa shell, filter pleats and other places. Sometimes, a slight "pinkish" coloring is noticed alongside the mold. That is called "pink slime." The two often go hand-in-hand.


Unfortunately, by the time you notice the WWM or pink slime in the spa itself, it almost always means that the plumbing lines, jets, pump components, etc. are completely infested. By the way, WWM & Pink slime is not harmful - it just looks REALLY bad.

Mold in Spas & Hot Tubs

How do you get rid of it? With lots or effort! The WWM is a biofilm that builds up overtime in the plumbing lines & gradually spreads throughout the spa. Customers typically notice that the spa has a "funky" odor and they can't maintain a good level of sanitizer (chlorine, bromine, or biguanide). The biofilm build-up is VERY resilient against any kind of shocking or high levels of halogens (chlorine or bromine). The bottom line is you want to prevent it rather than treat it.

How do you prevent White Water Mold & Pink Slime? Pretty simply. Follow these steps:

  1. Maintain a good sanitizer level.
  2. Shock regularly (at least weekly).
  3. Maintain good water balance (pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness).
  4. Add a good quality natural enzyme such as SpaGuard Natural Enzyme or Natural Chemistry Spa Perfect. Enzymes do great jobs "eating up" organic matter. That's what these 2 critters are - organic matter. Using enzymes according to label instructions will make a world of difference. A couple of ounces weekly makes the difference.
  5. Keep up on your regular maintenance - keep the surfaces wiped down (all surfaces under the water). Wipe around spa pillows, jets, lights, handrails, etc.
  6. Chemically clean the filter at least every 6 weeks. Rinsing alone will not suffice.
  7. Drain & refill the spa every 3 to 4 months. The bulk of problem cases we see occur when the spa is not regularly drained, cleaned & refilled.
  8. When draining & refilling, be sure to use a product like Spa Purge, Swirl Away or Spa System Flush. These products will break down a lot of biofilm build-up prior to draining. Regular use whenever the spa is drained will prevent re-infestations.

One of the newer products that we are having very good success with is AquaFinesse. AquaFinesse specifically targets biofilms allowing a better "kill" by the chlorine or bromine. Customers who are or have been using AquaFinesse, report really nice feeling water, simpler water balancing care and a significant decrease in the use of chlorine.

Proper maintenance makes spa & hot tub care easy. It also enhances your enjoyment of your hot water investment.

Mold in Spas & Hot Tubs

Find out more at our Knowledge Base at, or directly at this White Water Mold link.

Spa & Hot Tub Skin Rashes

"My husband (or wife, child, friend) is allergic to the chlorine I use in my spa." That is a common comment made by many spa and hot tub owners who may not be thoroughly and properly caring for it. The thing is, itching and skin rashes are almost 99.99% preventable. The bacteria causing the itching and rash is named "Pseudomonas Aeruginosa," a very commonly occurring bacteria found in water and soil.

"Pseudomonas Aeruginosa," (PA) is also a very opportunistic bacteria. PA can cause:


  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Dermatitis (Skin Rash or Pseudomonas Folliculitis)
  • Respiratory System Infections - sometimes known as "hot tub lung"
  • Swimmer's Ear (Otitis Externa) - please see your local doctor for treatment
  • Other systemic infections

Spa & Hot Tub Skin Rashes

In Spas & Hot tubs, a very likely cause of skin rash is Pseudomonas aeruginosa (PA). Pseudomonas feeds on oil & grease present in the spa water (mainly from body oils & skin treatments brought into the spa from bathers NOT properly showering prior to entering the spa or hot tub) and can multiply rapidly under ideal conditions (such as lack of proper sanitizing procedures). In swimming pools, PA can be found on various areas such as pool coping, waterfall edges, ladder steps, etc. PA infects the hair follicles on the body. If infected, you will notice the following characteristics of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa:

  • Itchy rash 8 to 48 hours after contamination.
  • Rash can occur on arms, legs or trunk of body.
  • Rash disappears 7 to 10 days without treatment.

The first question we ask customers is "where" the rash is. Because PA likes to live and multiply in water, the "best" place for this is on any surface of the spa or hot tub, but particularly along and at the waterline. Customers usually tell us that the rash is across the back or under the arms or the back of the legs or a combination of all of these areas. Depending on how bad the "infestation" of the Pseudomonas bacteria and the bather's sensitivity will determine how bad the outbreak will be. PLEASE CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN IF A SERIOUS RASH OCCURS.

Remember that the best thing is to prevent these rashes from ever occurring in the first place. Although water chemistry and proper use of sanitizers is important, regular cleaning and maintenance is equally important. Regular cleaning means something as simple as wiping down all of the spa's surfaces with your hand or a cloth every time you go in. I know that sounds crazy (drives my wife a little nuts actually - but no skin rashes in over 20 years of spa ownership). Wiping down aids in cleaning and circulation. Simply putting properly sanitized and treated water on the top edge of the spa where the cover has sat (creating its own bio-film) will aid in killing unwanted bacteria that may cause a skin rash on the underside of your arms as you sit in the spa with your arms outside, resting on the edge.

If you suspect that your spa or hot tub is infected with pseudomonas aeruginosa, perform the following cleaning steps:

  1. Drain the spa.
  2. Remove the filter and soak in a solution of chlorine and water during treatment. (2 Tbsp of granular sodium dichlor Chlorine per 5 gallons of water)
  3. Clean all spa surfaces that may come in contact with a bather's skin (especially arm pits, chest & back) - above & below the waterline. Be sure the chlorinated or otherwise treated hot tub water regularly is in contact with these areas - even the top edge of the spa that is in contact with the cover. Use a mild chlorine solution as mentioned above.
  4. Refill the spa to just above the jets.
  5. Shock with four times the normal dose of SpaGuard® Chlorinating Concentrate.
  6. Turn on the jets and circulate for 2 - 3 hours. The bacterial growth usually builds up in the lines, so it is necessary to flush them thoroughly.
  7. Just before draining the spa again, add a plumbing line cleaner such Spa System Flush or Swirl Away to help break up any build up of bio-film in the lines (this is a good maintenance step to take any time that a spa is drained and refilled)
  8. Refill with fresh water.
  9. Chemically clean (use a cleaner such as SpaGuard® Filter Cleaner®) and / or replace the filter. Chemically cleaning the filter helps to remove accumulated greases, oils, dead skin, etc.
  10. Rebalance spa and shock. Chlorine level: 1.0 - 3.0 ppm, Bromine: 2.5 - 5.0 ppm; pH 7.4 - 7.6, Total Alkalinity 100 - 140 ppm, Calcium Hardness 200 - 250 ppm. (if using other types of sanitizers, be sure to follow all manufacturers' label instructions). Do not enter spa until sanitizer (chlorine) level drops below 4.0 ppm.
  11. As an additional precaution, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND cleaning the underside of the spa or hot tub insulating cover with a product such as BioGuard® Stow Away® (contains quarternary ammonium compounds, which when used properly controls mildew). Clean your cover with Stow Away® whenever you drain, clean & refill your spa or hot tub. You may further want to use a product such as Pristine Mist which helps control odors and discoloration on the inside spa cover insulating foam.
  12. Not cleaning the cover could re-contaminate the spa or hot tub surface with the PA bacteria.

Please be sure to contact your physician if a skin rash occurs. DO NOT SELF DIAGNOSE any physical conditions. This article is for information purposes only.

Spa & Hot Tub Skin Rashes

How to Start a Spa Business

Variations in the spa business make it an interesting possible venture for a person looking to go into business for themselves. A spa can be a day spa, a resort type spa, a hot tub distributor and a spa attached to a hotel. The spa can include hair care, massage, nail care and body care. Your interest and the money you have available will be factors in choosing which business you should pursue. The Internet is an excellent source for finding what kind of businesses are for sale and where they are located. A potential buyer can also check out this same question with solid business brokers. By doing this, the buyer can quickly get a feel for what is available and the capital needed to complete the sale.

The other way to get into the business is to start a brand new business. This will cost somewhere near what you would pay for a similar type of spa business, except for the value of their existing clientele. The advantage to the existing business purchase versus the brand new start-up is the existing customer base and the immediate cash flow. There are many types of spa businesses and the cost of the one you would like to own will depend on the type you choose. A resort type spa for example will probably cost far more than a day spa or a distributor of spas. The services that you offer will also show up in the cost of the spa. Service usually means the need for employees to provide the service. Employees have an on going monthly cost that does not go away whether you are busy or not. Other services may be equipment dependent and therefore you have the equipment cost and the maintenance expense.


A distributorship will have its own unique costs and expenses. A show room is almost mandatory to run the business correctly. You cannot sell spas without demonstrating them. This will entail a building set up to do just this and a different set of employees to pull off this type of business. Salesmen and people persons are going to be important factors in all of these businesses. Solid sales people are a necessity in selling spas to the public. This is a luxury item, not a necessity of life.

How to Start a Spa Business

Which spa business is for you and how to find them

As stated above the Internet is a great way to start looking for businesses that are up for sale. This will give you a good idea of the difficulty in finding one that is in the area of the spa business that catches your fancy. These listings will also let you know if there are businesses in your local. Talk with spa owners and business brokers to get an idea of the opportunities that are available in the spa business. Visit day spas and resort spas to see how they are run and the services they offer to their clients. Ask them if they know of any businesses for sale. You never know where you will get a solid lead. The business broker will have answers for some of your questions and will know where to find the answers he does not know off of the top of his head. An experienced broker may have already helped with the sale of the type of spa business that you are favoring. This part of the discovery process is like being a good detective. Let the facts and the leads get you where you can see the answers to your growing question list. Spending the needed time on this part of business buying will help in many ways. You will become better versed on what is available and the prices that different businesses command. You will also soon discover whether you can buy an existing business or have to start one from the ground up. This will help to determine the money needed and how you can come up with the purchase price or start-up price.

I have the money or I can get it

You have to be able to say the above in order to buy an existing business or start one up. The cost in this niche business will depend on the selected area of the spa business. Once you have selected the spa business you wish to own, then you must find one for sale or start one up. Both of these will have prices that you can afford or can get financing for. Raising the total price may take some creative financing on your part. The current owner may be willing to accept terms to enable the purchase. Other areas that may loan you the money you need are the bank, relatives, loan from a business lender and a loan on assets you own.

One way or another you will need to come up with the total price. If the current owner is involved, be prepared to pay a premium for the business. Most owners have a cash price and a higher terms price. The problem with this is can you afford the business and still have enough capital to run the business. If the answer is yes, then all is okay. If this is not the case, maybe the potential buyer may need to pass for the time being. Knowing when to pass by an opportunity may be just as important as making the decision to buy.

Maybe in this business, you can select a less costly avenue to get into the spa business. You have several ways to go and if one road is closed then there may be another way to go. The point of this is do not strap yourself financially to buy a business and make success more difficult or impossible to obtain. A buyer must make realistic judgments. Viewing these decisions through rose-colored glasses can be a serious error.


The multi-faceted spa world offers several types of businesses to consider owning and running. Some take a large capital commitment and some are far more reasonable in their money requirement. The choice is yours based on your interest and the money you can bring to the table.

An area not previously mentioned is the franchise spa company. This area should be looked at as a possibility. There are some advantages to being connected to a spa company with a nationwide reputation and advertising campaign.

Financing in this business category is not much different than what is needed in other business purchases or start-up cost. Some versions are capital intensive and some do not take anywhere the same money commitment. Finding the right business for you in the correct segment of the industry will take study and comparing the chances of a successful ownership.

The suggestion is to talk with business brokers to see what they have for sale and the money needed to make the purchase. They are a great source of good information and current trends or developments. The experience they have and the sources they can call upon will be of help in getting answers to your questions. Knowing answers will help you make far better decisions and thoughtful changes in your plans.

How to Start a Spa Business

And now I would like to offer you free access to information on a powerful integrated system of marketing, sales & advertising so you can thrive instead of survive in today's economic environment.

Henthorn is president of Spiral Marketers, a marketing firm which includes a number of partnerships that range from cutting-edge software development, business and personal improvement coaching, online e-commerce businesses, and more.

He was formerly was president and principal broker of a resort / commercial real estate brokerage in Honolulu which specialized in representing sellers in transactions up to MM.

Learn how to turn into all day long now:

Can it be as relaxing as a massage? Get invigorating tools for spa sales, marketing, advertising, and public relations to boost spa sales

Vacationer's Quest 2: Reasons To Choose A Beach Resort And Spa

The busy lives of today's modern families often require a few days to a few weeks break in order for them to bond and relax at the same time. It is truly a hard-earned vacation when talking about several days off and just relaxing.

Many busy people choose to go out of town or out of the country especially when they're after warmer climates. Most of the time, the beaches in various regions are being flocked for the best summer getaway. But not every tourist is enthusiastic when it comes to going to the beach. They have this notion that it's just sun, sand, and sea most of the time. But these days, beach resorts have so many attractions and features to offer that can entice even the most discriminating guest.


If you will search the web, you will find vacation websites offering beach resort and spa packages. If relaxing is what you want, then this option can be the perfect one for you. But, of course, you can never tell if you'll need a little R and R at the beach with your family or friends - may it be just basking in the sun or having a relaxing walk along the shore.

Vacationer's Quest 2: Reasons To Choose A Beach Resort And Spa

Going for a beach resort and spa vacation is also a two-in-one approach. This applies mostly to families with kids. You will come across some resorts in overseas, like the Q1 Resort and Spa in the Gold Coast region, which provides a number of amenities perfect for all ages.

You can also expect the common amenities in most of these beach resorts. Accommodations may vary from one resort to another. But if you want to benefit from having your own kitchen and laundry utilities, it is best to choose an apartment or condo type.

One of the features that can be found in such resorts is a Zen garden. It is also possible to find yoga classes or Tai Chi sessions. But surely, you will find massage areas and rooms for guests, as well as other wellness services. You may check on the web if such resorts are offering room-serviced massage and spa treatments for the entire family.

So, if you are truly after a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation somewhere in the warm Pacific Coast, it is best to look for beach resorts and spas. You will never go wrong with this type of vacation, especially if you are limited to doing it only once a year.

Vacationer's Quest 2: Reasons To Choose A Beach Resort And Spa

If you're looking for a great vacation package, try Q1 Resort and Spa. They offer some of the best amenities and accommodations in the Gold Coast region.

Spa Party Games and Activities

In a world of pre-teens trying to grow up way too fast, having a spa party is all the rage. Make it even better by designing it as a Spa Party sleep over. Set the scene for your Spa Party with lots of candles, have soothing music CDs available, and access to a sink with lots of towels on hand. A spa party should be as much like a real spa visit, so take care to have bottled water and a selection of herbal teas or juices and refreshments on hand. You may wish to invite your guests to bring pajamas and/or robes.

Spa party games should include basic spa activities. Invite your guests to participate in a chocolate facial. Have all guests put their hair up or pull back from their faces. Then have them scoop up some of this excellent moisturizing mask and spread it onto their face. Mix 1/3 C cocoa powder, 3 Tbs heavy cream, 2 tsp cottage cheese, 1/4 C honey and 3 tsp oatmeal powder (found in the health food section) in a food processor. Mix until smooth. Relax for 10 minutes (putting cucumber slices over eyes will help guests relax even more completely and do a great number on eye puffiness). The mask washes off easily with warm water and if it happens to get on the lips, it really tastes great.


Other activities can include designing body glitter, or giving each other manicures or pedicures. After all the spa activities are over, more traditional games will keep the guests occupied. Simple games like Not Me Never! mix truths, fibs and candy. Could a spa party have a better combination? To play the game, give each guest a set number of miniature tootsie rolls, jellybeans, or caramels - just make sure it's something yummy. Then the first person makes a statement about themselves that starts with "I Never . . . Nope. Not me. Never. " If for example the person said "I have never kissed a boy. Nope. Not me. Never!" Anyone else that has never kissed a boy has to eat a piece of their candy. Everyone will get the opportunity to take at least one turn - hopefully more. Keep playing until someone ends up with the most candy and everyone else had eaten theirs. The one with the most candy left is the winner.

Spa Party Games and Activities

A Spa Party will encourage pre-teens to take care of their skin and relax at a time when their life can seem very out of control. It's a great idea for a party and with the right accessories can be a great bonding experience that creates lots of BFF (best friends forever).

Spa Party Games and Activities

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino is the internet's leading authority on selecting the best possible party supplies (, using proper etiquette, and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free coloring sheets, printable games, and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Party Themes ( to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties is at the Party Theme Shop. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

Relaxing Spa Parties and the Snacks Women Love

It's hard for women to make time for the spa let alone dine from a terrific menu. Between running errands, working full time and taking care of the household women need to find time to relax. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than to have a spa party at home for your women friends.

After the spa treatments are settled on, take a moment to plan a relaxing menu for the spa party. A terrific mix of appetizers is facial finger sandwiches, massage macaroni and cheese, chicken salad body wraps and pedicure pinwheels.


Creating chicken salad body wraps for a spa party menu is quite simple. Gather these basic ingredients for the chicken salad body wraps. Two (10 ounce) cans chunk chicken, drained and flaked, 1/4 cup chopped onion, 1/4 cup mayonnaise, 4 tablespoons fresh salsa, salt and pepper to taste, 6 (10 inch) flour tortillas, and 12 lettuce leaves. In a small bowl combine the chicken, onion, mayonnaise, salsa, salt and pepper. Mix together. Line each tortilla with two lettuce leaves, then divide chicken salad mixture evenly among each tortilla and roll up, or 'wrap'.

Relaxing Spa Parties and the Snacks Women Love

Also the massage macaroni and cheese is a welcome comfort food for the spa party menu. To create this dish you'll need 5 cups cooked macaroni (8 ounces raw), 4 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons flour, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/8 pepper, or to taste, 2 cups milk, 3/4 cup shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, paprika, optional. In a saucepan, melt butter over medium-low heat. Stir flour into the butter until smooth and bubbly. Stir in salt. Gradually add milk, stirring constantly. Continue to cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Add cheese and continue to cook and stir until melted. In an 8x10-inch baking dish, alternate layers of macaroni and cheese sauce. Sprinkle with paprika, if desired. Bake in a preheated 350° oven for 20 minutes, or until hot and bubbly.

Make it a spa day to remember by serving up this spa-riffic menu.

Relaxing Spa Parties and the Snacks Women Love

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino takes a common sense approach to planning and organizing events, celebrations and holiday parties with unique ideas for spa party supplies and fun spa party games. She explains proper etiquette and living a healthy life while also teaching organizational skills and fun facts. The Party Supplies Hut has lots of party ideas with hundreds of free holiday printable games and free birthday party activities. Over 100 adorable Themes including Spa Party Supplies to fit your birthday celebration, holiday event, or "just because" parties. Party themes include cartoon characters, sports, movie, TV shows, luau, western, holidays, and unique crazy fun theme ideas.

How to Buy the Right Hot Tub the First Time: Key Questions Before You Build Your Backyard Getaway

Many homeowners find themselves soaked when it comes to shopping for a hot tub. However, a smart and knowledgeable spa purchase can be the difference between experiencing endless relaxation and hassle-free enjoyment and owning a burdensome, resource-draining machine that ends up costing more to operate and maintain than ever anticipated. Choosing a spa made by an unknown manufacturer or without a proper warranty can leave behind hassle and headaches instead of comfort and serenity. Ask the right questions and comparison shop accurately so you can be confident that the spa you choose will be easy to own and maintain, EnergySmart©, and offer years of enjoyment.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Hot Tub?


One size doesn't always fit all. Be sure to consider the primary purpose of your new hot tub and ask important questions. Is it for entertaining, family fun, relaxation? All of these? Depending on what it will be used for, choose a size that fits your lifestyle. If you do plan to entertain, how many people will be using the hot tub at once? Do you have a big family that wants to soak together? Or, will no more than two people share the spa for quiet relaxation and intimate conversation? The most popular size seats four adults comfortably. If you're not sure, go larger. No one ever regrets buying a larger spa, yet buyers do regret buying one too small. A professional can help you measure your space carefully and recommend a spa that's appropriate for the area. Choose a dealer who provides this in-home service.

How to Buy the Right Hot Tub the First Time: Key Questions Before You Build Your Backyard Getaway

Does This Spa fit Your Body? How Comfortable is It?

Try it wet before you buy it. Want to know if a spa is really right for you? Get wet. Take a test soak to judge seat comfort. Note the torso depth when you're sitting up comfortably. For cooler climates, make sure the water depth reaches over the shoulders. Multi-level seating should accommodate both adults and children. The best option for all soakers is "barrier free" models with no confining seats or other obstructions to get in the way as you move around the spa.

It's all about the jets. When shopping for a spa, don't choose quantity over quality. Pay attention to jet types and jet placement. One good jet that provides the lower back pain relief you're seeking is worth a dozen jets in the wrong places. Do the jets feel soothing or pummeling? Can individual jets be adjusted for direction? Find out if jet pressure can be regulated. Most spa users prefer to adjust jet pressure for the hydrotherapy they're seeking. Look for jets that go up and down your back for a full back massage.

What are the Features of This Spa and What Will They Do For Me?

Hear the silence. Ask yourself, 'Would I want this right outside my bedroom window at night?' Your neighbors will appreciate a quiet spa, as well. A well-made spa will have no audible noise or vibration when the water is circulating, heating, and filtering. This is especially important if you plan to place it near sleeping areas, on a deck or rooftop.

Take a deep breath and smell the water. If you smell chlorine in the water or on you skin or notice a scent that masks chlorine odor, the sanitizing system is outmoded and not up to par. Look for a spa that's sanitized with a corona-discharge ozonator (not a flimsily light bulb) with silver ion for boosting the cleanliness. Crystal clean water without effort or hassle should be your primary concern. This is especially important for your health and the health of your family.

Keep it simple. A simple on/off control panel is best. Avoid spas that need to be "programmed" for operations like filtering and heating. You'll want your spa to be hot and clean and ready to use at all times. You'll use a spa more often if it's always ready when you are.

Keep it clean. Do not consider buying any spa without full, no "by-pass" filtration. That means that all of the water is passing though the filters when the jets are on. Soaking in dirty, unfiltered water is no fun and can be a health hazard. Filters should be top loading, readily accessible for cleaning, and not stuck in the equipment bay. Most importantly, filters should be sized for the spa's gallonage. A major problem with poorly made spas is filters too small to adequately filter the amount of water in the spa.

Keep it safe. Select a spa with locking cover and locking control panel to keep out small children. Consider safety rails and non-slip steps for ease of entry.

How is this Spa Constructed?

Check under the hood. The quality of the construction and materials used will determine how long your spa will last, the actual long-term cost, and the maintenance involved in its upkeep. Ask your dealer for a product brochure or search the manufacturers' Web site for the details on how each spa is made and the parts and materials used in construction.

Ensure rock solid construction and warranty protection. Be sure the shell is made from a durable material that has been tested over time. New pearl metalescent finishes should be laminated over the most durable material possible like ABS. Be sure the material you select is resistant to UV, chemical damage, and cracking and has a bona fide warranty to protect your investment. Seven-year warranties are the best way to go. So-called "lifetime" warranties are meaningless because most states put a limit on what constitutes "lifetime." Avoid cabinets made of wood, which will quickly turn black and moldy. Embossed wood-look cabinets made from rigid polymers will give you low maintenance, high durability and retain their good looks for years. The cabinet warranty should be at least five years.

What Will This Spa Cost to Operate Monthly?

Save money while saving energy. Portable spas are much more energy efficient than built-in spas, but only if properly insulated. That insulation and insulating value of the spa cover will be the key determinants of operating costs. The most EnergySmart© spas are totally foam-filled with 3lb density. Avoid spas with "peanut" pellet insulation stuffed under the cabinet or those with no insulation at all. Beware of manufacturers who claim that no insulation allows easy access to fix plumbing leaks. Don't be fooled into paying for high energy costs forever because the manufacturer can't guarantee against leaks.

You get what you pay for. Reputable dealers will provide third-party laboratory testing results that document typical operating costs. Heating costs for a "bargain" spa can run three to four times more a month than for well-insulated models which may cost more initially. In the long run, you could end up paying far more for an inferior product and getting less of what you're looking for. Request a cost estimate in writing and ask every referral you call what their experience has been.

What is the Manufacturer's Track Record and Reputation?

Here today. Here tomorrow? Question each dealer about their spa manufacturer. How long have they manufacturer spas? How big is their dealer network? This is especially important if you intend to move and take the spa with you. This will help gauge how long they company will be able to serve you in the future. Without a strong manufacturer, your warranty will be useless. Small, regional, or local manufacturers typically stay in business less than five years. Look for a manufacturer with at least 25 years of a strong track record and backed by a Fortune 500 company for the best protection for your investment.

A good track record is the best guarantee of service. The longer a dealer has been in business, the better their track record is likely to be. And, the longer they've carried a particular brand of spa, the higher your confidence level can be. Most dealers have a history of switching brands when problems mount up with that brand, a sure sign that they'll switch again and be unable or unwilling to fix your spa. Look for a solid dealer who's made a strong commitment to stick with a reputable manufacturer.

Enjoy the experience. Shopping for a spa should be fun and informative. Seek out a low-pressure, reputable dealer who is willing and able to answer all of your buying questions. A high-pressure sales experience will leave you exhausted and tempted to buy despite your best instincts.

Save time and money with a free, in-home consultation. Choose a dealer who provides a free site inspection to help you determine the best place for the spa, proportions in your yard, and access issues. A professional dealer can also recommend the size of spa appropriate for your space and family needs.

Buy the dealer before you buy the spa. Do business only with a dealer who will give you service as good after the sale as before your purchase. Choosing a spa dealer is the most important choice you have to make in this process. Pick someone who is trustworthy and can offer the foundations to help build and develop a relationship over the years you own your spa. Make sure that the service staff is factory trained by the manufacturer and carries the proper licensing and bonding.

Ask for references. A reputable dealer will put you in touch with customers in your neighborhood so you can ask them about the spa and the customer service provided by the dealer. A major part of a top quality dealer's business is based typically on referrals from satisfied customers.

What is the Warranty on this Brand of Spa?

See the warranty and ask for a copy that you can take home and examine for every brand you consider. Reputable manufactures will have their warranties clearly printed in their product brochure. If a dealer is reluctant to give you a copy of the warranty or tells you that it comes "with the spa" on delivery day, consider this a red flag and find a dealer who can provide warranty details before the sale.

Read the warranty. A reputable manufacturer will warranty the spa shell for up to seven years against cracking, blistering, and yellowing. The plumbing, jets, and all major components should be warranted for five years. The selling dealer, not a third party, should conduct service on your spa at your home. Beware of hidden charges for home visits and warranty service and manufacturers who require that you send in parts for repair rather than fixing them on site. Finally, the warranty should offer 100% coverage for the entire warranty period, not pro-rated like tire warranties.

What's Included in the Purchase Price?

"Add-ons" add up. Beware of "add ons" not included in the purchase price like an insulating cover, delivery to your prepared site, leveling, water care products, and on-site instruction and operation - all of which are vital and should not be incur additional charges. Avoid purchasing from a company that plans to drop the spa off in your driveway for you and your neighbors to wrestle in place and attempt to level. The day your spa is delivered should be one of the happiest days of your life. Don't risk injuring yourself or friends. Professional spa installers should be sent to do the job.

Where Not to Shop

Don't buy a spa at a carnival or fair. Many spa exhibitors at carnivals and fairs do not have a local showroom or local service. They set up, use high-pressure sales tactics, and pack up the tent once the fair has ended. Many unwary spa buyers lose cash deposits and never receive their spa after succumbing to a slick salesperson at a fair. If you do shop at a fair, look but do not buy even if you are threatened with losing the "deal." A reputable dealer will hold the offer so take time to think it over. Make sure there is a local showroom where you can try the spa wet and be assured of ongoing service and a personal connection with a salesperson who works for the company - not one hired for the days of the fair.

On the Internet. Researching your major purchase on the Internet is a good way to get the education you need to make a wise buying decision. Do not consider buying a spa from an out of state seller or one out of your local area. Beware of companies that do "in-home sales" exclusively. You'll have no opportunity to see the product, evaluate its quality, take a test soak, or check references.

Do Choose a Hot Tub Retailer Sells Hot Tubs Exclusively.

Want a hot tub with those frozen chicken wings? "Big box" retailers typically carry off brands or stripped down versions of brands by larger manufacturers. Choices are limited and the wait for service can be very long. The low price you think you're paying initially will cost you far more down the road.

Most hot tub owners say that their spa purchase was one of the best investments they've made. Follow these tips and choose a credible, qualified, and expert hot tub retailer to ensure that you get the right hot tub the first time as you experience relaxation in the comfort of your own backyard.

How to Buy the Right Hot Tub the First Time: Key Questions Before You Build Your Backyard Getaway

Alice Cunningham is co-owner and co-president of Olympic Hot Tub Company -- the most award-winning retailer in the United States. Alice and husband Blair Osborn have worked together to successfully open, operate, and grow Olympic Hot Tub since opening their doors twenty eight years ago. Olympic Hot Tub is the oldest spa and hot tub company in the Northwest with five retail stores located in Seattle, Fife, Issaquah, Lacey, and Everett and a sales and service center in Tukwila. Founded in 1977, the company employs 45 exceptional team members and has a customer base of over 14,000 in greater Puget Sound and SE Alaska.

For more information, contact Alice at, 206-431-2876, 1-877-4HOT-SPRING, or visit

How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub Heater

I have been asked this question by so many customers. Why won't my hot tub heat up? I have talked people through this process over the phone and have sent them a list of information on how to test the spa heater themselves. I do not normally recommend that an end user try to troubleshoot their own spa. Working with electricity can be dangerous and working with electricity and water can be deadly. It is always recommended to contact a qualified service technician for any troubleshooting. That said, many people are more than capable of troubleshooting their own spa heater and this guide will assist them.

Spa & Hot Tub Heater Troubleshooting Guide


An easy to follow Spa & Hot Tub heater Troubleshooting Guide. Troubleshooting a spa heater can be a simple procedure if you have the right tools.

How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub Heater

Note: This troubleshooting guide is meant for trained spa service professionals. It is not recommended for the spa owner to troubleshoot their own spa.

Tools you will need to have are:

A Multimeter, to check voltage, and a Clamp on Amp Meter, to check for amp draw at the element. You can not accurately troubleshoot a Spa heater element without these tools.

Multi-Meter: Used to test for voltage at the heater element terminals.

Amp Meter: Used to check for amp draw by the heater element.

You will also need various hand tools. Screw drivers, Pliers, open end wrenches, etc.

Note: Spa must be full of water and in normal operating condition to perform these tests

To test the heater element, you must: Check voltage at heater element

1. Turn Power off to spa. (This means to shut off source voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Open equipment area and locate the heater assembly.
3. Open the spa heater assembly to expose the heater terminals.
4. Make sure all other wires and connections are away from the heater terminals.
5. Open spa filter housing and remove filter. Replace filter lid and secure for operation.
6. Double check area around heater terminals to make sure you have access to the terminals with the multi-meter probes, without the hazard of touching other contacts.
7. Remember, when you re-apply power to spa, you will be working with 240 volts of electricity. Water and electricity do not mix.
8. Make sure no water is near the terminals where you will be working. Also, make sure you are not kneeling or standing in water while testing for voltage at the heater terminals.
9. Re-apply power to spa and turn thermostat up to cause heater to come on. Listen to spa to see if operation sounds normal.
10. Turn multi-meter on and plug probes into the meter as directed by the meter instructions. You will be testing voltage.
11. Carefully place one probe on one of the element terminals.
12. Carefully place the second probe on the other heater terminal.
13. Read your multi-meter for voltage at the element.
14. Remove both probes, and write down the voltage you read from your test.
15. Turn power off to spa. If you received "0" volts at the heater terminal, your problem is most likely not the heater element. If you received the correct voltage at the heater terminals, you must now check for amp draw at your heater.

Check amp draw at heater element

1. Turn power off to spa. (This means to shut off source voltage to the spa at the breaker or disconnect).
2. Find wires that connect to the spa heater terminals.
3. Clamp one wire that goes to your heater element, with your amp-meter.
4. Make sure all wires are secure and safe for operation.
5. Re-apply power to your spa and turn thermostat up to cause heater to come on.
6. Check amp-meter to see if amps are being drawn by your heater element.
7. Turn Power off to spa.
8. Write down the amp reading from your amp-meter. If you received an amp reading from your heater. Your heater element is working. You need to look for problems elsewhere.

*I f you received the proper voltage at the heater terminals, but received no amp reading when the spa was operating, the heater element is bad.

What to do if heater element tests good during these tests, but does not heat spa, during normal operation. Remember step 5 in the voltage test. You removed the filter. Check condition of filter, run spa for 24 hrs without filter in place to see if spa heats normally. If spa heats normally with filter out, replace filter with new.

Now be aware every hot tub / spa is different. If you have a digital system, make note of any displayed error codes. The new digital systems on the spas today will do much of the troubleshooting for you if you know what it is telling you, but let's leave that for another article though.

How to Troubleshoot a Hot Tub Heater

For more information or help with this topic, visit or You may also contact me directly. Keeping the community in hot water.

Spa Design - A Relaxing Environment is Essential

When someone decides to open a new salon and spa, it is often because they have frequented a number of spas where they have been able to get rid of the stress they once had.  Just about every woman knows that the only way to become totally relaxed and remove day to day stress is to enter a spa environment.  

However, there is one element that any spa needs to have in order to become a successful business and that is a relaxing spa design.  Without the spa giving off a feeling of being stress-free, it will not be able to do the job in which it is intended. Upon making the decision to open a spa, the owner needs to understand the feeling that they are trying to create in the building.  It is often difficult to take a building that may have been used for some other purpose and making it a stress-free environment.


However, by adding some appropriate elements, this can be done.  The first thing that needs to be considered is the use of color.  The walls should not be stark white, nor should they be real vibrant.  

Spa Design - A Relaxing Environment is Essential

Soothing colors work best, such as greens, blues, and purples, all in a soft tone.  By just making sure that the ways are appropriately painted, the feeling of relaxation is quite easy to obtain.

Many spa owners also know that they need the typical salon and spa equipment in their spa design. Most people go to these places of business to have their hair done, their fingernails painted, to receive a facial, or to have a relaxing massage.  Because this is what the business is designed for, it is essential that massage tables, facial steamers, manicure tables, and styling chairs are incorporated into the spa design.  

These pieces of furniture should all be quite comfortable in style for ultimate relaxation. With the addition of some other spa design elements, a salon and spa can easily become a thriving business, especially when located in an area around a city, where stress is at it's highest.  

Since clients will want to only become relaxed from the second they walk through the door, it is a good idea to include some accessories in the design scheme as well.  Many spas will use water elements and soft music to allow for relaxation to take place within the building.

Spa Design - A Relaxing Environment is Essential

Patrick Seah is a Internet marketer and Business Consultant. Who's passion is helping people.

He writes articles about spa design frequently. From design elements, choosing furniture, lightings, themes... Find out more about spa design.

Day Spa - Licensing Requirements

Day spa technicians, therapists, the facilities in which they operate, and estheticians must be licensed by the Board of Cosmetology and the Department of Health. Additional licenses and requirements may be required based on the additional and specific services provided by any given day spa.

Staff Requirements


All staff and personnel of a day spa, or any spa for that matter, should have passed the following requirements and acquired professional licenses in the field of their study. These are the following qualifications each staff must meet:

Day Spa - Licensing Requirements

1) Cosmetologists

All staff cosmetologists should be at least 17 years of age and should have accomplished or completed G.E.D. or 9th grade. The applicant must present proof of completion of his or her requirements (24 months of practice as a registered apprentice in a licensed beauty salon or 1500 hours of training in a cosmetology school).

2) Esthetician

All staff esthetician should be at least seventeen (17) years of age and should have accomplished or completed G.E.D. or 9th grade. The applicant must present proof of completion of his or her requirements (12 months as a registered apprentice in a licensed beauty salon or 600 hours of training in a cosmetology school).

3) Nail Technician

All staff esthetician should be at least seventeen (17) years of age and should have accomplished or completed G.E.D. or 9th grade. The applicant must present proof of completion of his or her requirements (8 months as a registered apprentice in a licensed beauty salon or 250 hours of training in a cosmetology school).

4) Makeup Artist

All staff estheticians should be at least seventeen (17) years of age and should have accomplished or completed G.E.D. or 9th grade. The applicant must present proof of completion of his or her requirements (completes successfully a program or course in makeup artist services approved by the Board).

5) Senior Cosmetologist

All senior cosmetologists should have two (2) years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist and passing grades on the Cosmetologist Exam and the Senior Cosmetologist Exam.

6) Salon Owner

All salon owners should have submitted occupancy and approved use permits from local zoning agencies with a license application.

7) Owner Limited Practice

All Owner Limited Practice licenses are issued for either esthetician or manicuring. All should have submitted occupancy and an approved use permit from a local zoning agency with license application.

8) Apprentice Cosmetologist

All apprentice cosmetologists should have completed a sponsorship and application form which must be signed by a senior cosmetologist. All should have completed 24 months training with at least 20 hours per week. All licensees are obligated to mail monthly training reports to the Board every month.

9) Apprentice Nail Technician

All apprentice nail technicians should have completed a sponsorship and application form which must be signed by a licensed senior cosmetologist or 2 year licensed nail technician. All should have completed 8 months of training with at least 20 hours per week. All licensees are required to mail monthly training reports to the Board every month.

Day Spa - Licensing Requirements

All establishment applications must comprise a detailed and accurate floor plan of the entire establishment area to be licensed. It will not be processed if requirements are incomplete. All requirements should be passed together with the required floor plan and fee. Find out more tips and guide about day spa at, you will go from zero to become an informed day spa specialist with the information provided.

Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill Out

An architect design floor plan can be found on the internet and in architectural magazines. One set of plans located on the web, Sage Springs Club and Spa, show a luxuriously appointed club and spa. The first floor of this spa/gym has a large luxurious lobby and reception area., a spa and fitness store that sells exercise clothing and various other spa products. Also on level one of this spa are a relaxation lounge, massage therapy rooms, wet room with vicy shower and a pedicure/manicure room.

The second floor of this architectural design spa floor plan has a conditioning room with a glass wall overlooking the tennis court below. This room also has Precor cardio equipment, cybex strength circuit, four screen television theater music channels with wireless headphones. There is also a movement studio for aerobics, yoga and stretch and toning exercises. At every station in this spa, you are treated like royalty. Membership in spas like this are costly, but well wroth the expense.


On the ground level the floor plans show five full size regulation Tennis courts and 3 lane indoor lap pools and spa.

Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill Out

There are lots of floor plans for different spas and gyms available on the internet. Almost all have some of the amenities of Sage Spring Spa and Club but this one had the most interesting floor plan of them all. Before joining an expensive spa or gym, check the ones you are interested in. Compare services, amenities, and prices before you sign anything.

Floor plans for detached condos are laid out similar to a 'home' not part of a condo complex. One floor plan for a detached condo in Michigan has a large family room,/dining room area, master bedroom with private bath, small kitchen area with an island, a powder room, and second-floor bedroom. There is also a garage on the first floor. A basement which can be finished has the potential for at least two more bedrooms. Detached condos are ideal for people who don't have the time or inclination for yard work. It would also be good for elderly people no longer capable of cutting grass or shoveling snow.

Architect Spa Design Floor Plan - Relax and Chill Out

Martin Smith is a successful freelance writer providing advice for home buyers and consumers on purchasing a variety of Dream Home which includes Cottage Plans, Beach House Plans, and more! His numerous articles provide a wonderfully researched resource of interesting and relevant information.

Bathroom Decorating For A Zen Like Spa Look

Bathroom decorating can be fun and challenging but when it ends up giving you the relaxing feeling of a Zen like spa it is well worth the effort. Here are some tips on how you can get this relaxing feel in your bathroom

You should use soft colors and neutral tones colors for your Zen bathroom. Matching colors with your wall paint, towels and shower curtains is key so get paint cards that have your paint colors on them and bring them shopping with you when you buy your bathroom accessories - that way you will get a perfect match.


In the bathroom, consider accessorizing with artwork on the walls, as well as toiletry and toothbrush holders, towel racks, towels and decorative soaps. You want to end up with a minimalist look so don't put too much in. Consider sleek designs for the hamper and wastebasket.

Bathroom Decorating For A Zen Like Spa Look

If your bathroom is big enough it could include shoji screens, plants and furniture with simple lines as well as a table water fountain and some bamboo. Window treatments for the Zen bathroom decorating theme should be simple and plain. Try updating your windows with bamboo blinds. After you get the ideal look on your windows, you might realize the walls are drab by comparison. To overcome this, try hanging watercolors or oriental silks in frames around the room.

While you may not think about it much, flooring plays a vital role in your interior design style so putting in bath mats to compliment your Zen decorating theme can really improve it's style. The best type of flooring for the peaceful and serene style is organic woven mats which you will want to purchase in neutral tones.

For some decorative touches which will help tie together your Zen decor think about a lotus bowl with 1 flower, rice paper lamps, and Asian pottery to accent your room design. You could also add towels that match your wall colors rolled up and stacked in a bamboo basket just like you might find at the spa.

Your Zen bathroom decorating theme can be a snap if you take the time to plan it out adequately. Simply buy the pieces on your plan and put them in place - your room with have the feeling of a peaceful spa before you know it.

Bathroom Decorating For A Zen Like Spa Look

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How to Sell High End Spa Treatments and Products

How do shoe companies charge 00+ for a pair of shoes? They offer something different and they have a reputation for quality. They may offer exclusive hand sculpted designs, made-to-measure, superior Italian leather, upscale address and a history of high quality.

How can a spa sell prestige products and treatments?


What makes you Different and Exclusive?

Why should someone pay more? Before you establish an exclusive brand, you must create a mythology around it. Sitting in a Jacuzzi with a glass of champagne, followed by a mud wrap and massage, is just not going to cut it. You need some mystery and intrigue. A spa may incorporate ancient therapies and rituals with native ingredients and raw materials for a luxuriant full body blitz. The treatment may involve exotic ingredients such as crushed opal, herbal remedies and hot stones and gems. Specialized techniques and procedures and a uniquely designed environment with sophistication, conducive to relaxation will set a spa apart. Continue to broaden your skill set and learn specialized skills like Reflexology, Rolfing or Pressure point techniques to enhance the spa experience for your clients.

*What makes you Different?*

Can we Trust You?

Top luxury brands regularly ask celebrities to promote their products. Who can promote your spa? They don't need to be famous, but ideally they must be well-known within your community. Getting endorsements from your community and clients is one of the best ways to promote your spa. Client testimonials are useful to prove you have raving clients who would recommend your services.

*Do you have a brag book of Testimonials to show potential clients?*

Reputation, not Novelty

Classics are desirable. Fashion is constantly changing and what's hot this season is replaced by something new next season. However a classic is not replaceable. Typically the spa is known for pampering and relaxation. However results are a winner. Results are not going out of fashion -it's a classic. When you offer innovative technology which erases aging or offer make-overs to improve looks and features or a weight loss boot camp, then you have a classic which is easy to sell. How do clients buy top of the line spa packages? You talk to them. You compare what you have in store, in compared to the usual run of the mill spa. You focus on your specialized techniques and procedures and exclusive results.

*What makes you a classic?*

Create Buzz with Relief, Remedies and Wellness

Wellness is a new buzzword in the spa industry. Anti-aging, health and fitness is becoming synonymous with the spa industry.

By having a photo-rejuvenation laser treatment you are admitting that you are getting old. Be sensitive to marketing to aging clients. Just like a person doesn't like to admit they are fat, they don't want to be told they have wrinkles.

Everyone wants to live longer, prevent disease, look and feel better and control stress. The spa sector is opening up to alternative and complimentary therapies: Vibrational medicine, New Age therapies, Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda (ancient science of Longevity), and integrated modalities. These complimentary therapies are based on the belief that illness is caused by energy imbalances. The concept is based on the premise that human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of energy (qi, chakras, aura) and that when a human body is unwell, it is the result of the energy fields being unbalanced and that by re-balancing these energies will help to re-establish a person's good health.

Organic products, health and nutritional supplements, massage therapy, natural holistic therapies and spa treatments are popular among the affluent who want to improve their quality of life by attempting to influence their own health. Clients want hope, and often deny that they are getting older. Affluent clients welcome wellness treatments and products, however be sensitive not to trigger resentment or denial.

*Is your spa creating Buzz?*

How to Sell High End Spa Treatments and Products

*Coming up with new and exciting concepts can be the difference between a dull salon and a fabulously profitable one.* If you want to break into the luxury niche, you will need to Innovate and Create New and Exciting Spa Concepts.

Belinda Meyer invites you to sign up for her monthly newsletter which offers information to help you make your Beauty Salon or Spa unique and profitable. Available at

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Day Spa Business - Ways to Promote Your Spa

The day spa business is more competitive now because there are more salons opening left and right. More people are seeing the comfort of being pampered after a whole week of work stress. Most customers come to a spa for a massage, for body treatments or manicures. With more spas sprouting everywhere, you will need to promote your spa even more.

Giving away coupons is one of the most effective ways for a day spa business to get new customer and get old ones to come back. Once a person has a coupon he or she will likely come with a friend. That friend will pay full price and you also would have gained one new customer. Coupons have been so traditional that many businesses often use it to get more clients. Use it when business is at its low season.


Offer a 15% percent discount for a client's 1st visit. You can also offer discounts for anyone who brings in a new customer. Give discounts to couples who come together for a procedure or offer a discount for a yearly membership or package. Discounts as a promotional gimmick will always work to promote your day spa business.

Announce a free tour on opening day. Residents and future customers in the community can freely walk around your salon, check out your services and check your prices. Offer free procedures for visitors who come early or bring a friend. Give away promo items like tiny bottles of lotion with your logo on it.

You know many people look toward the internet for information and to find things and places. Set up your website and make it interesting by providing fresh content on it for people to read. You can also post your promotional offers online. Encourage clients to submit their own stories and beauty tips and reward the ones who has the most interesting article. Customers like to patronize establishments that they feel part of.

If you already have a website, do some internet marketing to boost your online visibility. Write a lot of articles that will improve your ranking on search engine results. That will make it easier for new and old clients to find you on the Internet. Join online spa directories and have your company name listed on salon association websites.

Create a unique selling point so you won't just be offering what all other spas are giving others. Give customers a reason to patronize you over other day spas. Have a suggestion box at your spa or make one on your website to find out what you are missing or which area you need to give more attention to. It is also a good chance to get ideas on how to improve your day spa business.

Day Spa Business - Ways to Promote Your Spa

Learn how to open a day spa, and learn new promo ideas for your day spa business owners make, visit

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Sugar Scrubs - Spa Therapy For Pretty Feet

Do you have hard, cracked heels and dry feet? You can have soft, pretty feet in as little as 10 minutes with a sugar scrub treatment that relaxes and relieves stress while you massage your feet. Sugar scrubs are natural spa therapy products with powerful and effective exfoliation properties. Sugar contains natural alpha hydroxy acids that dissolve dry skin while sugar granules polish, for feet that feel luxuriously soft and smooth. The added bonus of this foot spa treatment is the relaxation and stress relief you will experience as you massage your feet. Massaging the feet helps to relieve stress, allowing you to feel relaxed and refreshed.

With an investment of about 10 minutes, this foot spa treatment will allow you to "put your best foot forward", with feet that feel great and you are proud to display. And, men benefit from this foot treatment just as much as women. Ridding the feet of hardened dry skin makes feet feel surprisingly relaxed and comfortable.

\"natural Spa\"

You will need:

- Natural Sugar Scrub - Select a natural sugar scrub containing granulated sugar or cane sugar and soap or foaming cleanser to be most effective in softening and polishing feet. The scrub must contain pure sugar to allow you to experience the alpha hydroxy acid effect that dissolves dry, hardened, and flaky skin.

- Moisturizer - Rich body butters and creams work best. Look for body butters and creams that contain natural oils including shea butter, olive, soybean and sunflower oils. These natural oils absorb into skin to moisturize and condition feet to prevent dryness.

Sugar Scrub Spa Treatment - For Dry Feet and Heels

#1. Exfoliate. Apply about a quarter size amount of sugar scrub and massage into feet with a little water to work into creamy lather. Massage feet for about 2 minutes. Rinse.

#2. Dry. Dry feet thoroughly with towel.

#3. Moisturize. Apply body butter or body cream, and massage into feet. It is very important to moisturize feet after exfoliation, and after bath or shower, to condition skin and protect against dryness.

Depending on the amount of dry skin on the feet, exfoliation with a good quality natural sugar scrub, followed by the application of a rich, creamy, moisturizing butter may solve the problem of cracked heels and dry feet with the first treatment. If not, continue to exfoliate with this sugar scrub treatment following with moisturizer once or twice per week, until feet are smooth and soft.

This foot massage treatment will keep your feet feeling baby soft and looking great!

Sugar Scrubs - Spa Therapy For Pretty Feet

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Natural Ways To Induce Labor: What Works?

When your pregnancy goes well beyond the due date, your doctor could recommend chemical induction. The use of medication to artificially start or induce labor should be resorted to, only if the pregnancy jeopardizes the health of the mother or the baby. This is because, in up to half the cases, chemical induction leads to a Cesarean birth, or the use of the vacuum method. A Cesarean delivery keeps you doped, and confined to your bed in the first few days of your baby's life, and you may also face difficulties in breast-feeding. A vacuum delivery may dislocate the baby's shoulder.

There are some natural ways to induce labor, in order to avoid medical induction.


One of the most commonly used is nipple stimulation, which leads to the release of a hormone called oxytocin. The synthetic version of oxytocin is commonly used to chemically induce labor. A bumpy car ride works for at least some, and so does having sex. Exercise, such as walking, using a swing, belly dancing, using a hoola hoop, and squatting for a short while, helps your baby to descend better and your cervix to dilate. This in turn increases your own natural oxytocin release, which brings on labor.

Relaxing to reduce muscle tension is also very important, because tension and stress can get in the way of your labor. Meditation and visualization are excellent ways not only to relax, but also to get labor started. Your imagination and subconscious mind are powerful tools. Just by thinking of your favorite food you start to feel hungry or by imagining something scary you become terrified. Likewise, focusing your mind on labor helps to bring it on and progress with it.

Taking in herbs like blue or black cohosh should always be under the supervision of a doctor or a herbalist, because these herbs can be poisonous. Blue cohosh can be harmful for the baby's heart, and black can lead to excess hemorrhaging during labor. Drinking cumin or red raspberry leaf tea, or applying evening primrose oil locally on the cervix can also be tried, although there is no evidence that these remedies actually help in starting up labor.

The only natural labor inducing remedy, which has been shown to work, is acupressure. This simple method of pressing specific spots on your skin has the ability to start labor in most mothers with overdue pregnancies.

Not only has labor acupressure been proven to be effective, it is also safe. There is no risk that acupressure done observing its basic rules, could harm the mother or the baby. What is great is that you can use some of these same labor acupressure methods to get relief from labor pains and certain other discomforts during labor.

To use acupressure, all you need to know is how to press certain points on your body. This is so simple, that it can be done by the father of the baby, or anyone else, who is helping you out with the delivery. Acupressure is a method that does not over-stimulate your body. You just can't administer too much of it, as your body takes in only what it needs to function optimally.

Labor acupressure not only gets the contractions going, but also ripens the cervix, and helps to descend the baby. It helps in reducing labor pain, and so you can say goodbye to an excess drug dosage, or an epidural. This means that you can be alert and loving and ready to hold your baby in your arms as soon as the delivery is over.

Before you use acupressure to induce labor at home, ensure that you have reached the 41st week of pregnancy. And, of course, have your bag packed and ready - using acupressure really produces results!

Natural Ways To Induce Labor: What Works?

Are you overdue and tired? You can encourage your labor to start naturally at home and avoid medical induction. Labor acupressure is a simple method that has proven to be effective and safe for the mother and the baby. The most effective acupressure points that naturally induce labor, give labor pain relief and help in any stage you might get stuck in during you labor, are revealed in a new labor acupressure guide "Easier, Shorter and Safer Birth" by Lena Leino. Visit for more information.

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