Spa Inspired Home Decor Ideas

Have you been inside a luxurious spa resort?

On a holiday, we stayed at a spa resort. Although we did not use the spa facilities, we did enjoy the tranquility of the resort. Actually, the clever use of home furnishings and accessories can bring that spa ambience to any home, big or small. No doubt it would be ideal to renovate the entire home, change the flooring and wall coverings to use wood and stone like a close-to-nature spa resort but, hey, you can get the effect for less by refurnishing your home.


First, get rid of all clutter. No matter how beautiful a home is, clutter spoils the look. A messy home is a stressful one. For a tranquil environment, go minimalist.

Spa Inspired Home Decor Ideas

1. Get a carpenter to do built in cabinets for all the storage in your home. These would maximize your space and keep the clutter out of sight. Go for a natural wood veneer. Rich polished wood cabinets or at least veneer on your cabinets would be a great start for your spa resort inspired home.

Get rid of plastics and artificial eyesores. If a sofa doesn't go with your home, get rid of it. Hold a garage sale to sell off all these things and use the proceeds to by furniture and furnishings made of wood, cane, bamboo, glass, stone or metal, in the natural finish.

2. Put a large vase of fresh cut flowers in every room and some indoor plants to give it a resort ambience.

3. Use uplights and downlights to throw shadows on these plants at night.

4. Buy a fountain and put it in the living room, to simulate the fountains and waters found in spa resorts.

5. Take a large basin and fill it with water and fresh flower petals and floating candles. Light the candles at night to form a majestic yet tranquil display of light and water in the room you intend to spend the night in. Remember to blow out the candles before you sleep and watch out for gas leaks.

6. Play with texture. Rugs or floor covering made of rough natural fibers give any room a close to nature ambience.

7. Decorate your home with rattan baskets and chairs [] that are both beautiful and functional.

If you can renovate your home, check out Spa resort inspired home makeover [] for more ideas.

Spa Inspired Home Decor Ideas

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Hot Tub and Spa Reviews

Are you looking to purchase a brand new hot tub or spa for your home? With so many different models and name brands to choose from, you will want to make sure that you do your research before you purchase anything as it will be a big investment for many years to come. In our hot tub and spa reviews we will show you the top models that are out along with a wide range of prices so that you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

The first hot tub and spa we will review is the Dream Maker EZ Spa and it is more of a budget type of hot tub. This one is a 4 person seating which has a capacity of 220 gallons of water and 11 self controlled hydrotherapy waterway jets. The best feature about this model is that's it very easy to have it shipped to your house and a snatch to setup. You do not need to hire an electrician to wire anything as it plugs into a regular 110v plug in you have in your house. You can get this unit for under ,500 shipped and it will do the job if you're looking for a basic hot tub that is easy to setup.


The second hot tub and spa that we review is QCA Ruby Deluxe which also comes with a flex cover. This is one step up from the Dream Maker as it seats 6 people and holds 375 gallons of water. It has a total of 15 jets that is good for hydrotherapy. It's definitely a step up from the Dream Maker because it's larger and has more power but also comes with a ,000 price tag. This type of spa will also require wiring by an electrician as it requires more power.

Hot Tub and Spa Reviews

The third hot tub that is reviewed is HydroOasis which is in the top of it's class for spas. It fits up to 6 people comfortably along with a total of 103 jets, 8 inch LCD television and DVD player. It also has an input for an mp3 player so you could also hook up your ipod to it as well. It has muscle targeting configurations so if you are looking to get hydrotherapy jets in your spa and use it for muscle pain relief, this is the hot tub for you. There are so many features on this model that there are too many to list. The only down side of course is the price which is about ,000 and it will also run you a higher electricity bill because of the power it uses.

Depending on your budget and needs the three hot tub and spa reviews above should give you a better idea of what to expect when you are shopping for new units and comparing the prices.

Hot Tub and Spa Reviews

To compare prices on hundreds of the top hot tub models visit: []

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

So, you want to move your hot tub or spa? Wondering how to go about undertaking such a large project. Luckily for you I helped some of my friends move their hot tub. So, you can learn from what we did and make the process go a lot smoother.

Lets take this one step at a time.


The tools and material you need to get started would be 8 pieces of PVC pipe (slightly more or less depending on the size of the spa) and a battery operated or handheld electric saw.

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

Step 1) We start by cutting pieces of PVC pipe. We should keep around five 3-inch pieces and three 4 to 5 foot pieces assuming that you have a truck or trailer.

Step 2) Put the pipe right next to the hot tub such that if you tip the spa to the right onto the its side, your tub would be on top of the PVC pipe. You should turn the pipe such that it rolls in the same direction as you want to go (the spot where you want to move the spa to).

Step 3) Lets assume you have at least four people moving the hot tub (including yourself). On one end, you should two of them and two on the other side right opposite the pipes. Now we can lift the spa till its sitting on the PVC pipes. Don't forget the pipes can roll in this step. Be careful.

Step 4) In this step, you are ready to roll the spa. you are going to be rolling the tub slowly till you remove the pipe at the back and place it in the front. This requires some basic coordination between the four people but nothing crazy. You should keep on rolling this till you have moved it to where you want it to be.

Step 5) This time you lower the spa into the final location

Step 6) This step is for those who are moving the spa outside their house using a trailer or truck. You want to backup your truck to the point closest to which you can move the hot tub safely. Keep the PVC pipe pieces into the trailer. Tilt the spa onto the back of the truck and slide it into the spot that works. Tie it down and take it where it needs to go.

The above steps aren't set in stone. You should be able to use a variation of the above using materials or ideas that work for you. Make sure no one gets hurt. Move slowly and if you must, hire professionals to move it.

How to Move a Hot Tub Or Spa

Whether you are moving a 2 person hot tub or a 3 person hot tub, the process is the same as the above.

How to Sell High End Spa Treatments and Products

How do shoe companies charge 00+ for a pair of shoes? They offer something different and they have a reputation for quality. They may offer exclusive hand sculpted designs, made-to-measure, superior Italian leather, upscale address and a history of high quality.

How can a spa sell prestige products and treatments?


What makes you Different and Exclusive?

How to Sell High End Spa Treatments and Products

Why should someone pay more? Before you establish an exclusive brand, you must create a mythology around it. Sitting in a Jacuzzi with a glass of champagne, followed by a mud wrap and massage, is just not going to cut it. You need some mystery and intrigue. A spa may incorporate ancient therapies and rituals with native ingredients and raw materials for a luxuriant full body blitz. The treatment may involve exotic ingredients such as crushed opal, herbal remedies and hot stones and gems. Specialized techniques and procedures and a uniquely designed environment with sophistication, conducive to relaxation will set a spa apart. Continue to broaden your skill set and learn specialized skills like Reflexology, Rolfing or Pressure point techniques to enhance the spa experience for your clients.

*What makes you Different?*

Can we Trust You?

Top luxury brands regularly ask celebrities to promote their products. Who can promote your spa? They don't need to be famous, but ideally they must be well-known within your community. Getting endorsements from your community and clients is one of the best ways to promote your spa. Client testimonials are useful to prove you have raving clients who would recommend your services.

*Do you have a brag book of Testimonials to show potential clients?*

Reputation, not Novelty

Classics are desirable. Fashion is constantly changing and what's hot this season is replaced by something new next season. However a classic is not replaceable. Typically the spa is known for pampering and relaxation. However results are a winner. Results are not going out of fashion -it's a classic. When you offer innovative technology which erases aging or offer make-overs to improve looks and features or a weight loss boot camp, then you have a classic which is easy to sell. How do clients buy top of the line spa packages? You talk to them. You compare what you have in store, in compared to the usual run of the mill spa. You focus on your specialized techniques and procedures and exclusive results.

*What makes you a classic?*

Create Buzz with Relief, Remedies and Wellness

Wellness is a new buzzword in the spa industry. Anti-aging, health and fitness is becoming synonymous with the spa industry.

By having a photo-rejuvenation laser treatment you are admitting that you are getting old. Be sensitive to marketing to aging clients. Just like a person doesn't like to admit they are fat, they don't want to be told they have wrinkles.

Everyone wants to live longer, prevent disease, look and feel better and control stress. The spa sector is opening up to alternative and complimentary therapies: Vibrational medicine, New Age therapies, Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda (ancient science of Longevity), and integrated modalities. These complimentary therapies are based on the belief that illness is caused by energy imbalances. The concept is based on the premise that human bodies are made up of interconnected fields of energy (qi, chakras, aura) and that when a human body is unwell, it is the result of the energy fields being unbalanced and that by re-balancing these energies will help to re-establish a person's good health.

Organic products, health and nutritional supplements, massage therapy, natural holistic therapies and spa treatments are popular among the affluent who want to improve their quality of life by attempting to influence their own health. Clients want hope, and often deny that they are getting older. Affluent clients welcome wellness treatments and products, however be sensitive not to trigger resentment or denial.

*Is your spa creating Buzz?*

How to Sell High End Spa Treatments and Products

*Coming up with new and exciting concepts can be the difference between a dull salon and a fabulously profitable one.* If you want to break into the luxury niche, you will need to Innovate and Create New and Exciting Spa Concepts.

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