Test Your World Trivia Knowledge - Twenty World Trivia Questions

The world is steadily shrinking. It's time we started thinking globally. So let's begin by brushing up on our world trivia knowledge. I've put together about 20 questions with the answers for you to use.

Find out how much world trivia your family and friends know. You can print out the test and use a felt tip pen to mark out the answers, or simply copy and paste the questions and answers into any form you wish. Then print them out and have a trivia party!

\"Mineral Springs\"

World Trivia

Test Your World Trivia Knowledge - Twenty World Trivia Questions

What mammal do fishermen in China train to help them increase their catch?
A: The otter; The Chinese train otters to chase fish under large nets, which are then dropped and pulled in.

Where in the world is Spa, the resort town that gave its name to mineral springs everywhere?
A: In Belgium.

In 1512 why did Franc's King Louis XII order the removal of all the garbage that for years had been routinely tossed over the walls surrounding the city of Paris?
A: He feared invaders would climb the mounds of garbage and scale the walls.

What daily exercise routine did seventeenth-century French statesman Cardinal Richelieu perform to stay in shape?
A: He jumped over furniture.

How did the Caribbean island of Curacao get its name?
A: From the word cure--for the cure for scurvy it unexpectedly provided to Portuguese sailors set ashore with the disease. When they were later picked up, all were in good health--having partaken of the island's abundant crop of citrus fruit.

What was the name of the space vehicle in which Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet Union's first cosmonaut, orbited Earth on April 12, 1961?
A: Vostok I.

What nation was the first to be represented on both U.S and Russian space missions?
A: France. It had representatives aboard a Soviet space flight in June 1982 and on an American flight in June 1985?

What was the cost of a first-class ticket on the first and only around-the-world flight by an airship, made by the Graf Zeppelin in 1929?
A: The ticket for the 20,000 miles, 21-day trip was ,000.

What South American country is named for an Italian city?
A: Venezuela--which, translated, means "Little Venice."

How long did King Edward VIII sit on the English throne before he abdicated for the woman he loved?
A: Eleven months, from January 20 to December 10, 1936.

What are the citizens of Rio de Janeiro, Brail, called?
A: Cariocas.

For what country did Florentine explorer Giovanni da Verrazano sail to the New World?
A: France.

What would world-famous family changed its name from Wettin early in this century?
A: England's royal family. Wettin--the family name of Queen Victoria's German husband--was changed to Windsor when Great Britain was fighting Germany during World War I.

What country's highest mountain is named for Thaddeus Kosciusko, the Polish general who fought in the American Revolution?
A: Australia.

What was Pago Pago, the administrative capital of American Samoa, formerly known as?
A: Pango Pango, which is how Pago Pago is pronounced in the Samoan language, with "g" pronounced "ng."

What was 18-year-old Queen Victoria's first act after her coronation in 1838?
A: She had her bed moved from her mother's room to the very first room of her own.

In what country can you find Europe's last remaining herd of bison?
A: In Poland, in the Bialowieza Forest.

What natural phenomenon did the ancient Egyptians use to mark the start of their New Year?
A: The annual flooding of the Nile River.

Shang-tu in China was the summer palace of a great ruler. What name do we know it by?
A: Xanadu, the "stately pleasure-dome" of Kubla Khan in the poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Where did the umbrella originate?
A: In Mesopotamia, in 1400 B.C. It was used for shade, which is why its name is derived from the Latin word for a shade, umbra.

Who made it fashionable to leave undone the bottom button in the vest of a man's three piece suit?
A: The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), at the turn of the century--because he was too portly to button his bottom button.

Test Your World Trivia Knowledge - Twenty World Trivia Questions

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