Arkansas - Hot Springs

Nicknamed the 'American Spa', Hot springs National Park in Arkansas is the place to go if a relaxing vacation is what you have in mind. The 6,000 acre park is home to most of the town's hot springs and geysers.

Till a century ago, these waters were believed to have healing powers. Several bath houses were constructed during that time to cater to the rich merchants who visited the town regularly to bathe in its springs and geysers. These historic bathhouses are a popular tourist attraction today. Most of them are situated in the historic bathhouse district, with eight of the most visited ones on the Grande Promenade.

\"natural Spa\"

You can either explore the historic district on your own or take a ranger led guided tours. 'The Bath House Row Insider Tour' and 'Fodyce Bathhouse Tour' are among the two most popular ranger led programs conducted in the district. Only two of bathhouses in the park are still operational, out of which Fodyce serves as the visitor center and Buckstaff is a spa bathhouse, where you can enjoy a traditional relaxing bath.

Apart from the bathhouses, the park has several gorgeous hiking trails and scenic walks adorned with vividly colored wildflowers and fascinating rock formations. In case you are in the mood for a quiet and relaxing picnic, you can visit Gulpha George, West Mountains, Hot springs or the Grande Promenade. Gulpha George is the designated camp ground in the park. The camping ground has both primitive campsites as well as those with hookups. The usage fee for the well equipped ones is obviously slightly higher. All sites on the camping ground are available on first come first serve basis only. There are some campgrounds outside the forest area as well; the campsites in these grounds are equipped with both hookups and showers.

If you are planning a summer holiday to the Park, you should travel light as the climate here is mild, in winters, however, the temperature can reach below freezing point.

So, ditch those traditional spas this year and visit America's natural spa instead. You won't come back disappointed!

Arkansas - Hot Springs

If you are interested in a vacation to the Hot Springs National Park and need some lodging accommodations you should visit Here you will find destination and tourism information as well as an Arkansas lodging directory to assist you in your planning.

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Natural Ant Repellent

Are you looking for a natural ant repellent?

Does the thought of using dangerous chemicals inside your home to kill ants scare you? Well it should. In addition to having an immediate harmful effect on children and pets, pesticides may have a long term impact on a person's DNA. That's why many people prefer a natural ant repellant.


In this article, I'm going to share three natural ant repellents with you.

The first natural ant repellent is baby powder. Ants are killed by baby powder. Baby powder is really just Diatomaceous earth, a safe and natural substance. Pets will ignore baby powder and children aren't affected by it at all. Place a line of baby powder around windows, doors, and cracks, and you'll virtually eliminate your ant problem overnight.

Coffee is the second natural ant repellent I'm going to talk about here. Ants hate coffee, so they won't cross a line of it. You can use coffee in much of the same way as you use baby powder. Almost everyone has coffee in their cupboard, so it is an easy solution. But don't think you need to use the expensive stuff - generic is good enough for ants!

The final natural ant repellent I'd like to share in this article is Cream of Wheat. Cream of Wheat is a natural bait for ants. The workers take the cereal back to the nest where they share the food with all of the ants. When Cream of Wheat comes into contact with the internal fluids of the ant, it explodes. This is a way to take care of the entire ant problem with a bang.

You don't need to resort to using harsh chemicals to take care of your ant problem. There are many natural ant repellent solutions for you.

Natural Ant Repellent

To learn more about the natural ant repellent go to the How Do I Get Rid of Ants website found at

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