Natural Gas Properties

Natural gas is a gaseous fossil fuel that has methane as its primary compound. It is derived from organic material that was deposited or buried under the earth, millions of years ago. It contains heavier gaseous hydrocarbons, like ethane propane, and butane as well as sulphur containing gases. Natural gas has certain properties that enable its use for industrial or domestic purpose. For instance, it contains non-poisonous ingredients that when inhaled gets absorbed into the blood.

Natural gas is tasteless and colorless and when mixed with the requisite volume of air and ignited, it burns with a clean, blue flame. It is considered one of the cleanest burning fuels, producing primarily heat, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Natural gas is odorless and before it is distributed to end-users, it is odorized by adding thiols, which also helps in detecting any leakage. Natural gas is lighter than air, and tends to disperse into the atmosphere. In a confined state within a house, gas concentrations can reach explosive mixtures and when ignited, it causes great hazard to life and property.


Natural gas has a peculiar characteristic of igniting only when there is an air-and-gas mixture and the percent of natural gas is between 5 and 15 percent. A mixture containing less than 5 percent or greater than 15 percent of natural gas would not ignite. Natural gas contains small quantities of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, sulfur components and water. Liquefaction is a process involving cooling and condensing of natural gas that removes the non-methane components such as carbon dioxide and sulfur. It leads to the formation of an extremely pure, clean-burning product that is efficient to transport and store.

Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel available that leads to a cleaner environment. In places dominated by polluting energy sources, natural gas helps improve the quality of air and water. Natural gas burns to produce no harmful pollutants and is a highly reliable fuel for cooking.

Natural Gas Properties

Natural Gas provides detailed information on Natural Gas, Natural Gas Generators, Natural Gas Prices, Natural Gas Production and more. Natural Gas is affiliated with Current Oil Prices.

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2012 Natural Disasters

Here is a list of the most common and purported 2012 Natural Disasters.

2012 Natural Disaster #1 - Super Volcanoes


The most talked about super volcano that will erupt when 2012 approaches, is the giant one sitting underneath Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming, USA. The park actually borders the states of Idaho and Montana, meaning the volcano does as well.

In the past millions of years, eruptions from the Yellowstone super volcano have produced the of the two largest volcanic eruptions in North America.

The University of Utah states, "These eruptions left behind huge volcanic depressions called "calderas" and spread volcanic ash over large parts of North America (see map). If another large caldera-forming eruption were to occur at Yellowstone, its effects would be worldwide. Thick ash deposits would bury vast areas of the United States, and injection of huge volumes of volcanic gases into the atmosphere could drastically affect global climate. "

In a nutshell, the effects of this volcano will be felt everywhere on earth. And this is only from one super volcano. There are 7 known super volcanoes in the world according to the Discovery Channel - the Yellowstone, Long Valley, and Valles Calderas in the United States; Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia; Taupo Volcano, North Island, New Zealand; Aira Caldera, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyūshū, Japan; and the Siberian Traps, Russia.

2012 Natural Disaster #2 - Earthquakes

Part of the fear of 2012 is that major earthquakes will occur. Volcanoes, landslides and fault lines in the earth can all set off earthquakes. The effects of an earthquake include fire, shaking and splitting of the earth, landslides, avalanches, floods, tsunamis and of course, death.

2012 Natural Disaster #3 - Tsunamis and Large Tidal Waves

As mentioned earthquakes can cause tsunamis and major tidal waves. Asia in most recent years has been heavily affected by major tidal waves.

2012 Natural Disasters

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Day Spa-Salon Marketing - 5 Great Promotional Ideas

Promotions are a great way to get your employees involved. Promotions build morale and momentum. Here are just a few more promotional options that you could be implementing. [See Promotions, Promotions - Part 1]

1. Staff Promotions: Yes, you should constantly promote your staff - to boost morale, reward hard workers and call client's attention to your employees' abilities. Staff promotions could include incentives, choosing a Stylist of the Month, displaying staff's educational certificates, and featuring a different staff member in each newsletter.


As you can see, promotions will tend to overlap one another. A Father's Day theme promotion will also be a Target Group Promotion aimed at men; it may also be a Retail Promotion if you're including retail discount. Cross-promoting is an acceptable way of covering several bases. Just don't try to promote to every group on every level at once. Experience has taught that the more specific a promotion is, the easier it is to gauge the success of it, so you'll know whether it's worth doing again.

2. Make-Over Contest: Have clients and potential customers submit photos and letters explaining what they would like to change about their appearance and why they want to have a makeover. Select numerous candidates to undergo the transformation. Make sure you have a photographer on hand to capture the moments. Tie in your makeover contest with a local talk show. Some possible makeover categories are:

  • Mothers-to-Be
  • Working Women
  • Seasonal
  • College-to-Career
  • New Attitude
  • Over 40 and Fabulous
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Stylish at 60
  • Mother Daughter
  • A Family Affair
The client receives a free gift item (preferably a retail product) with a required minimum purchase.

3. PURCHASE WITH PURCHASE: Customers are able to buy a special promotional items at reduced savings. Some companies have used umbrellas, tote bags, and trial sizes of products, gym bags, cosmetic bags, clocks or watches. Make sure your promotional items are every bit as wanted as those the department stores offers.

4. FREE LIPSTICK CARDS: The customer may receive a complementary lipstick with any minimum purchase. The lipstick card is an ideal promotional item to distribute after making a presentation to a group of consumers. Try to keep the minimum purchase to a minimum to create foot traffic for the business. A free lipstick/lipgloss offer entices women to walk into your salon.

5. YEARLY COUPON CARD: The object of this promotion card is to establish consistent retail traffic. In order for customers to redeem the coupon for the free gift, they must first make a minimum retail (not service) purchase during the month. The base retail purchase requirement is beneficial for two reasons: Once the client starts to enjoy the free gift each month, she becomes accustomed to a little extra present at the end of each visit. Many clients will budget for their minimum requirement and systematically plan to restock their products monthly so they can take advantage of the coupon offer. It is fun for the client to go home with a little treasure.

Day Spa-Salon Marketing - 5 Great Promotional Ideas

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Natural Ways Of Gout Cure

Gout is a condition characterized by severe attacks of inflammation in single joints, which come on suddenly (acutely) and rapidly reach a peak of extremely severe pain and then subside. Characteristically, a further attack occurs after a variable period, usually of months or years, usually affecting a different joint, particularly of the lower limb. If gout is not treated, the periods between the attacks become shorter and last longer as the years go by. This will cause the condition to worsen and affect other joints of your body. There are a lot of methods that you can use to cure gout, including using natural remedies.

One of the effective ways to cure gout is by using cherries or cheery juice. Cherries are known for their anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the amount of uric acid in the body and keep it from settling into joints which will cause the pain of gout. You can use canned cherries or fresh cherries and it does not matter if you use sour or sweet cherries. All cherries have been reported to be a natural gout cure. The recommended amount of cherries to consume a day is between ten cherries and up to one half pound. There are others who prefer to use cherry juice concentrate (1 tablespoon per day) and it is also effective in curing gout.


Diet is important and can be used as a natural gout cure as well. Purines consumed in the diet account for about 50% of the uric acid produced in the body. Therefore, a low purine or modified purine diet may help gout improve and prevent future gout attacks. A low purine diet consists of eliminating the following high purine foods from the diet: organ meats, sweetbreads, brains, kidney, meat gravies, meat extracts, scallops, wild game, mackerel, herring, anchovies and sardines. In addition, only one serving of the following foods are allowed per day in a low purine diet: dried beans and peas, asparagus, cauliflower, spinach, mushrooms, poultry, meat or fish.

Apart from this, you can also consider a purine-modified diet, which consists of eliminating extremely high-purine foods such as liver, brains, kidney and other organ meats as well as sweetbreads. However, in a purine-modified diet, it is alright for some protein foods not to exceed 100 grams per day. In one ounce of meat, there are 7 grams of protein Bread and grains have about 3 grams of protein per serving. One serving is one slice of bread or ½ cup of grain. Protein can be obtained by eating milk, eggs and cheese because these foods are high in protein and low in purines.

Another natural gout cure is increasing the intake of water, which can help to flush out excess uric acid and help prevent kidney stones. As a guideline, it is recommended that you drink at least eight glasses of water or three litres a day. Gout sufferers should also avoid alcohol because it increases uric acid production and inhibits its secretion.

Although it is important to reduce your weight to prevent gout, you should avoid fad diets such as fasting because quick weight loss causes a release of uric acid by the cells as they break down. Instead, you should try a diet that encourages slow and steady weight loss.

Another natural gout cure is charcoal poultice. To make charcoal poultice, mix one half cup activated powdered charcoal with a few tablespoons flaxseed that has been ground in a blender until it becomes meal. Then add enough warm water to create a paste. Put paste on affected joint and cover with cloth or plastic. The dressing should be changed every four hours or it may be left on over night. Be sure to avoid getting the charcoal poultice on clothing or bed linens because it will stain.

A charcoal bath can also be used as a natural gout cure. Using an old basin that you don't mind staining, mix one half cup of charcoal powder with water until a paste is made. Place affected foot into the basin and add water until the foot is covered. You should soak your foot in the charcoal bath for thirty to sixty minutes.

Natural Ways Of Gout Cure

For more information on the different kinds of Gout Causes, Gout Natural Remedy or Gout Natural Cure [], please visit the following website: Gout Natural Remedies & Treatment []

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Bathroom Decorating For A Zen Like Spa Look

Bathroom decorating can be fun and challenging but when it ends up giving you the relaxing feeling of a Zen like spa it is well worth the effort. Here are some tips on how you can get this relaxing feel in your bathroom

You should use soft colors and neutral tones colors for your Zen bathroom. Matching colors with your wall paint, towels and shower curtains is key so get paint cards that have your paint colors on them and bring them shopping with you when you buy your bathroom accessories - that way you will get a perfect match.


In the bathroom, consider accessorizing with artwork on the walls, as well as toiletry and toothbrush holders, towel racks, towels and decorative soaps. You want to end up with a minimalist look so don't put too much in. Consider sleek designs for the hamper and wastebasket.

If your bathroom is big enough it could include shoji screens, plants and furniture with simple lines as well as a table water fountain and some bamboo. Window treatments for the Zen bathroom decorating theme should be simple and plain. Try updating your windows with bamboo blinds. After you get the ideal look on your windows, you might realize the walls are drab by comparison. To overcome this, try hanging watercolors or oriental silks in frames around the room.

While you may not think about it much, flooring plays a vital role in your interior design style so putting in bath mats to compliment your Zen decorating theme can really improve it's style. The best type of flooring for the peaceful and serene style is organic woven mats which you will want to purchase in neutral tones.

For some decorative touches which will help tie together your Zen decor think about a lotus bowl with 1 flower, rice paper lamps, and Asian pottery to accent your room design. You could also add towels that match your wall colors rolled up and stacked in a bamboo basket just like you might find at the spa.

Your Zen bathroom decorating theme can be a snap if you take the time to plan it out adequately. Simply buy the pieces on your plan and put them in place - your room with have the feeling of a peaceful spa before you know it.

Bathroom Decorating For A Zen Like Spa Look

Visit for more great tips on decorating your bathroom in a variety of popular bathroom decorating styles.

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Natural Ways To Avoid Hormone Imbalance

Hormone imbalance is something that most everyone has heard about and is a big problem in our population as evidenced by all the pharmaceuticals out on the market to correct the imbalance. However, if you are leery of ingesting synthetic hormones it's good to know that you can probably correct your hormonal imbalance in a natural way.

Just like anything else in your body, your hormones will probably stay balanced if you lead a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a healthy diet. If you already have problems with your hormones try to change your diet and, in particular, avoid chemicals as these can interrupt the way your hormones work. Reduce the dairy products and meats that you eat. These foods can be very bad for your hormones because the animal fats store chemicals and once these chemicals get into your body they can wreak havoc with the way your hormones work. In fact, the risk of hormone related cancers such as prostate cancer increases with the amount of dairy and meat that is consumed.


Another thing to do is be sure that you get enough of the omega-3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids. These will help you maintain good hormonal balance. The omega-3 fatty acids can be found in flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds but you should make sure that you are getting 200 mg of omega-3 DHA and 300 mg of omega-3 EPA. The omega 6 is important to and you should try to get 100 mg of this - finally a good multi-nutrient that supplies these values can help to ensure that you're getting enough as it is hard to get that from your diet.

As well as eating less dairy foods and less meat you want to make sure that what you do eat is organic. Not just the fruits and vegetables but the breads and cereals to. Foods that are not organic can have pesticides, herbicides and chemicals that may cause a hormone imbalance or adversely affect the way your hormones work.

Phytoestrogens are another way to help balance out your hormones. You've probably heard about these, in particular is flavones, which are found in soy foods. When you eat phytoestrogens your body simply accepts them as regular estrogen and they bind to your estrogen receptors therefore taking up the space that less desirable estrogen that is tainted with chemicals might take. In this way your body won't ingest harmful estrogen and in fact isoflavones are linked to reduced risk of hormone related cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Tofu is a good source of isoflavones.

Hormone imbalance is not fun for anyone and can be associated with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause, PMS and andropause. If your hromones are not in balance you might find that you have hot flashes, anxiety, trouble sleeping, tiredness and irritability. Changing your eating habits is the best way towards a healthy body not only to keep your hormones in balance but also to boost your immune system and keep you looking and feeling young as well as help your body fight off disease.

Natural Ways To Avoid Hormone Imbalance

Lee Dobbins writes for Natural Health Buzz where you can learn more about getting healthy naturally and find out how to beat hormone imbalance.

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Spa Music - Expand Your Health Spa Brand With Custom CDs

A custom CD compilation is a powerful tool when used in a strategic marketing drive. In a sophisticated spa the job that music plays in establishing and creating vibes is important. An annoying practice of some spas is to play one CD all day long day in and day out. This is an fantastic formula for driving your costumers away and your staff batty. The greatest solution is to have a wider selection of music custom compiled for your spa and you own private label.

Private label CDs do a lot to creating lasting memories of pleasant times in your clients and doing a great job of promoting your brand. Well designed, quality custom CDs and spa sounds unavoidably attract the attention of your customers. When clients are attracted and indicate an interest in your spa music and spa sounds and have come to equate the soothing and peaceful sounds with the serenity and harmony of your spa brand appreciation begins to happen.


Brand recognition is the condition where your brand is identified with your company and the product or services it offers without the name of the company being mentioned. Simply put when your brand is widely recognized you have achieved brand recognition. Branding is important to their owners because branded products or services command higher prices. Whenever two different rival spas with the same type of service are taken side by side but one of the spas has a distinct and recognizable brand customers often select the more expensive choice based on the quality or the reputation of the brand and its owners.

This is the kind of brand recognition that a private label CDs can give to your spa. When customers hear and recognize that the music they are hearing is the signature music of your spa this is brand recognition. When they listen to the music of your private label CDs while receiving massage services and beauty treatments and relaxation treatments they will associate the sound with the relaxation and the enjoying experiences they had in your spa.

A custom CD is a distinct sales and marketing tool that you can use to develop your brand. This private label CD will become a brochure that the customer will never throw away because of the quality of the content. This private label CD is fully customizable and will be matched specifically to the brand, services, and theme of your spa. Original music can also be created that will definitely be match to your brands particular needs.

The rest of the compilation is owned by the company, which means that you have full control of the resulting CD. You can rename tracks to fir your specific needs and not have a care about copyright issues. The music is created and performed by talented artists in a well equipped studio resulting in a quality product that sounds great. If needed a team of graphic artists can be tapped to produce album covers, jackets, and the important CD face for an overall packing and presentation that will enhance your brand and look great. If you already have your own design or have your own design team the outfit will work with them to create a slick and amazing piece that will be printed to the standards of your brand.

Spa Music - Expand Your Health Spa Brand With Custom CDs

Red Elephant Music has created spa music and custom spa CDs for some of the worlds top Spas. Know how they can assist your spa -

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Healthy Food Snack Recipes To Make Guests' Mouths Water

Natural healthy food organic recipes are usually tasty. Nutritionists tell us that there is more nutrition in the cardboard box that packages your cornflakes than there is in your cornflakes. But even if cornflakes were nutritious, they can't compare with the flavor of strawberries straight from your organic garden.

I've spent many happy hours gathering mulberries from the roadside trees, and blackberries, and carob beans, and raspberries, and strawberries, and English gooseberries. Some of these delicious fruit even reached the container because I couldn't eat them as fast as I picked them.


Of course your healthy food breakfast should have a bit more than just fruit. Vegetables are also great. I used to wander my organic garden and gather whatever struck my fancy. Some of it was suitable for breakfast such as Daikon radish, Florence fennel, purslane, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, nasturtium flowers, pansy flowers, day lily flowers, parsley, garlic greens and so on.

Of course your healthy food breakfast should have a bit more than just fruit. Vegetables are also great. I used to wander my organic garden and gather whatever struck my fancy. Some of it was suitable for breakfast such as Daikon radish, Florence fennel, purslane, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, nasturtium flowers, pansy flowers, day lily flowers, parsley, garlic greens and so on.

Now I have hardly any teeth left I prepare this healthy food breakfast. It doesn't take me very long at all. I start by drinking 1.2 litres of water.

Into my 1.5litre blender I put three driied shiitake mushrooms, half an orange with the skin still on it, a tomato, a carrot, three florets of broccoli, 2 cloves garlic, 2 tablespoons powdered ginger root, 2 tablespoons brewer's yeast, one apple, handful of raisins, 50ml coconut oil, 600 ml (1pint) water. While it is blending I crack 2 jumbo-size eggs into a glass ready to pour into the blender.

When everything is blended to my satisfaction I add the two eggs and blend for another ten seconds, then drink everything from the blender, to save on washing up.

I finish my breakfast with a good handful of dried bananas. Not only are these cheaper than fresh bananas, but recent research indicates that they are more healthy than fresh bananas.

In the middle of the morning I snack on a tablespoon of apricot kernels, because even if they don't protect me from cancer, I like their flavor.

For lunch I have 200 gm red cabbage and some fruit. In the middle of the afternoon I drink 400 ml of water, and a mug full of cocoa with dried stevia powder as a sweetener. The cocoa makes me feel good and suppresses any pangs of hunger, just as chocolate does, but the stevia is a better sweetener than sugar.

For the evening meal I have a stew made of kangaroo mince, and seaweed, and garlic, and onions, and 1.5 litres of coconut oil. In the evening I munch of almond nuts and three Brazil nuts, and perhaps some raisins.

If your children don't like natural healthy food organic recipes, get them interested in growing vegetables, and in preparing meals with the fruit and vegetables they have harvested themselves. They will suddenly start enjoying good food.

Healthy Food Snack Recipes To Make Guests' Mouths Water

Find lots of delicious ideas for healthy food recipes at [] and

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