Herbal Cellulite Wraps - How to Reduce Cellulite With Herbal Wraps

Herbal cellulite wraps are a very effective method for getting rid of cellulite. Body wrapping helps eliminate built up toxins and impurities in your body. It reduces cellulite by firming and toning the soft and flabby areas on your body. Salons and spas can charge anywhere from to several hundred dollars for just one body wrapping session. Why spend all that money when you can make your own herbal cellulite wrap at home? Here's more information on how to reduce cellulite with herbal wraps.


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The goal of cellulite body wrapping is to create the same sensation you feel when you have a fever. When you are feeling feverish, you sweat and it helps your body to eliminate toxins. But the results may vary from person to person. Some people report having a very intense detoxification while for others, it may be mild.


There are a variety of herbs that can be used in herbal cellulite wraps and they can be either fresh or dry. Some popular herbs you can use are alfalfa, chamomile, ginger root, lavender buds, neem, parsley, rose and St Johns wort. A simple body wrap can consist of clay and salt while a more complex wrap will contain herbs, essential oils and nutritional ingredients. Types of essential oils are lavender, lemon, lemon grass, rosemary, grapefruit and basil.


You will need:

  • 1 cup of the herbs discussed above. Whichever one you would like to use is up to you.
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1-2 cups of bentonite or green clay
  • 2-5 thin towels. The towels can be medium to large in size
  • 2 cups of boiling water


  • Bring water to a boil and combine all the ingredients (clay, herbs and epsom salts). Mix everything thoroughly until a paste is formed. The paste should have a thin consistency so it it's too thick, add more water.
  • Allow the mixture to cool down until it's warm to the touch.
  • Apply the wrap mixture to your body making sure to target the most cellulite ridden areas firmly but not tightly wrap your body with the towels.
  • Lie down in your tub or any area that can easily be cleaned and relax for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  • When your time is up, unwrap the towels and using warm water, gently rinse off the mixture.
  • Take a warm shower before a wrapping session to open up your pores.
  • Drink lots of water before, during and after your wrap. This helps flush out toxins and dislodged fat
  • Avoid alcohol, sweets, starches and soda drinks. Carbonized drinks hold in toxins.
  • Limit your salt, sugar and caffeine intake.

Although herbal cellulite wraps are very effective in reducing cellulite, that alone won't get rid of the problem. Proper exercise and a balanced diet play an important role as well. If you combine all these methods together, you should be free of cellulite in no time!

Herbal Cellulite Wraps - How to Reduce Cellulite With Herbal Wraps

Did you find this information on how to reduce cellulite with herbal wraps useful? This is just one of the natural methods of getting rid of cellulite. If you would like to know more about treating cellulite naturally, CLICK HERE!

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Dry Body Oil Spray Fights Dry Flaky Skin

Dehydrated and flaky skin is not on anyone's list of wants. Itchy skin is uncomfortable, and it's a problem for most people during the cold winter season.

In any store, brick and mortar or virtual, you will easily find an immense variety of gels, creams, lotions, and magic potions to get your luxurious and soft skin. The trick is finding which ones actually work.

Natural Body Spa

One of the most popular products available today is dry body oil spray. It is easy to use, effective, safe, and you can find them with an all natural formula. Most women prefer dry body oil spray to sloppy and gloppy gels, creams and other remedies.

Fight off the winter itchies with moist, nourished and healthy looking skin.

- How It Works -

You simply hold it about six inches away and spray. You can target a certain trouble spot, or mist over your whole body, neck to toes. This is especially effective immediately after a shower and towel dry. The damp left on your body will soak in with the dry oil for a longer moisturizing effect.

You only need enough for a thin layer. It will be absorbed quickly, and it doesn't need to be dried. You can massage it in, which helps spread it evenly and can help it work more effectively.

Dry body oil spray is best applied right after a shower or bath as mentioned above, when your skin is still slightly wet. Don't towel off completely before using the product. And make sure that you have a towel or rug under your feet! You don't want to slip on slick tiles!

An all-natural formula is safe to use on your face and hair, but you should never apply it directly. It's advised that you mist your hands until moist, and then massage it into your face and scalp. This should be done anywhere above the neck.

Also, this kind of spray should never be applied to the immediately around your eyes. Even though these products are usually non-toxic and all natural, it could still be harmful to your sensitive eyes.

To apply to your hair, cover your face with a small towel, and mist it above your head. Some people find that using the spray on dry hair gives it more life. It can also help keep your scalp from being dry and flaky.

Experiment with it as a facial moisturizer before make up. Some women find that it helps shimmer powder and dusting to stick and stay on. It can also give your skin a slight shimmer, which only accentuates your make up.

A Great Benefit ...

... is that it's usually all natural. You can find this product with no chemicals, no coloring and no artificial scents added.

Many brands use natural ingredients for scent, such as vanilla. Most contain plant oils and natural anti-oxidants. These ingredients from the earth help keep your skin healthy and looking good the natural way.

If you've never tried a dry spray, it certainly can help. You may be amazed at what it can do to nourish your skin!

Dry Body Oil Spray Fights Dry Flaky Skin

Natural botanical extacts, minerals and vitamins in dry body oil spray leaves a soft, long lasting, moisturizer of conditioning oils and vitamins. Feel the soft protective "cushion" left on your skin with spray from Vinci & Rakos. http://www.whomakessense.com

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Natural Health - Twinkle Toes - Tips For Pretty Feet

Tips for improving the appearance of our feet go way beyond the painted toenail. Paying attention to the skin on the top and bottom of our feet is important for looks and health. Even exercising the feet can have an affect on their appearance. If a foot is strong and has muscles that contract and relax easily, it actually looks much better in a sexy sandal than a tight or swollen foot.

Feet also reflect the body. Some people say that points on the feet correlate with all of the organs and structures throughout the body. Thus, one can access the entire body through the feet. Foot reflexology is an example of a therapeutic modality based on this theory. Caring for the feet is also a way to care for the entire body.

Natural Body Spa

Here are some tips to have healthy, happy feet:

--Give Your Feet a Facial (would that be a Footcial?)

The skin on top of the feet can be exfoliated and moisturized just like the skin on your face. A glow and good feeling can result. See recipes below for rubs and scrubs for your feet.

--Soak Your Feet for Softness and Invigoration

1 cup lemon juice, Cinnamon or other essential oil or spice 2 tablespoons of olive oil, l¼ cup of milk,; Water (amount does not matter)

Mix all the ingredients in a tub and soak your feet in it for awhile. Cinnamon can be replaced with any spice, perfume or flower petals. Peppermint is another popular favorite. Feet love peppermint!
This soak will leave your skin refreshed and fragrant. After this wash your feet with a mild soap. Follow this foot care regimen for a few weeks and the skin on your feet will be silky and smooth.

--Exercise Your Feet

Ankle Stretch: Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Point your toes down as if depressing a pedal (plantar flexion) and then stretch your toes toward your face (dorsi flexion) as far as is comfortable. Hold each stretch for a few seconds, then relax and repeat 10 times.

Foot Rollers are great to keep in an area where you spend a lot of time sitting - on the floor underneath your office chair or favorite spot on the couch. Foot Rollers work by vigorously rubbing the roller with the feet over the soles of the feet.

Foot Rollers can:
--Massage pressure points on the bottom of each foot and stimulate circulation
--Revive sore arches, relieve joint and muscle fatigue

Natural Health - Twinkle Toes - Tips For Pretty Feet

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Now You Can Detox Your Body Naturally

Toxins have various means of entry into your body. They can get into your system by way of food, water, or even the air. As they amass in your body, you will be able to discern their manifestation in your skin, your energy level, your susceptibility to illness, etc. To put a stop to the damage these toxins cause, detoxification is necessary. There are various detox programs available to the public, but the best way to get rid of those contaminants in your body is by natural detox.

Natural detox programs have become synonymous with losing weight among some celebrities. Their motive may not be pure, but they still reap good consequences from their choice. The programs still counteract whatever effects their abuses may have had on their body.

Natural Body Spa

To detox your body, you must eliminate, diminish, or deactivate impurities in your system. To remove these vile substances from your body, drink lots of water not only to flush them out, but to rehydrate your cells as well. The liver is where most of the toxins are, so you must allow it to recuperate at the same time strengthening your body by nourishing it with the necessary nutrients to boost your energy. To detox your body is to ward off diseases and to restore your ability to enjoy good health.

The body has its own natural detox system and you only need to maximize these capabilities to safely eliminate those toxins. Other than the liver, the lungs, kidneys, intestines, and skin are also involved in this natural cleaning system. The lymph helps as well by removing bacteria and certain proteins from tissues. These organs must be able to efficiently get rid of toxins or the entire body will suffer for it. A natural detox process will certainly allow these body parts to do their job well.

If you let your system's natural cleaning properties inspire you, you can detox your body by means of fasting, refreshing the liver, regularly eliminating (urine, stool, and sweat), getting your blood moving, and eating well. Natural detox is all about relaxing, restoring, and refreshing your entire body.

Since getting your blood clean again takes several days, most natural detox programs run for seven days or even longer.

Here are some simple tips on how to detox your body naturally:

o Go beyond the eight glasses of water daily.

o Eat plenty of fiber to promote elimination.

o Exercise regularly to sweat those toxins out.

o Be more positive to reduce toxins-producing stress.

A simple and natural detox program can be carried out at home. As we've said before, your body is actually equipped to clean itself; you merely have to allow it to do its job well. To support natural detox methods, make sure that you minimize the entry of toxins into your system, so keep away from things you know are bad for your body.

Now You Can Detox Your Body Naturally

Now you can improve your health through natural detox [http://foot-detox-pads.com/] with detox foot pads! Visit http://my-foot-detox.com/ to learn how.

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Dry Brushing: How To Do It, And Its Benefits

Did You Know?

o The skin is the largest most important eliminative organ in the body and is responsible for one quarter of the body's detoxification each day?

Natural Body Spa

o The skin eliminates over one pound of waste acids each day in the average adult, most of it through the sweat glands?

o That the skin is known also as our third kidney?

o That the skin receives one third of all the blood circulated in the body?

o That the skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency?

Detoxification is performed by a number of organs, glands, and transportation systems, including the skin, gut, kidneys, liver, lungs, lymphatic system, and mucous membranes. The dry brushing technique deals with detoxification of the skin.

Dry brushing is a way to stimulate all the above organs of detoxification because it provides a gentle internal massage.

Dry Brushing was recommended by the Finnish Dr., Paavo Airola for his patients 30 years ago and is still popular in European spas and many cancer treatment centers today. The Russians, Turks and Scandinavians have used this treatment for centuries. Dry brushing is promoted as a preventative for dry skin and a way to exfoliate the skin, thus stimulating skin renewal that is super soft to the touch, but there are many other benefits as well:

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing Explained:

1. Removes cellulite

2. Cleanses the lymphatic system

3. Removes dead skin layers

4. Strengthens the immune system

5. Stimulates the hormone and oil-producing glands

6. Tightens the skin preventing premature aging

7. Tones the muscles

8. Stimulates circulation

9. Improves the function of the nervous system

10. Helps digestion

11. AND it's easy, inexpensive and invigorating!

1. Dry brushing removes cellulite-- Cellulite is a non-scientific term defined as toxic deposits of subcutaneous fat material and fibrous tissue that are not able to be eliminated and which cause a dimpling effect on the overlying skin. These deposits most commonly occur on the thighs and hips of women. Cellulite can affect men and women of any body weight or size. What causes the toxins? Well, some think that we store the breakdown product of cells as toxins in this subcutaneous tissue. Others think that toxic emotions can be stored in the subcutaneous tissue which then builds up as cellulite.

Your best bets for getting rid of cellulite are dry brushing, connective tissue massage, working though the emotional issues that are causing the toxins to stagnate, eating foods that feed the skin, an alkaline diet program and a consistent/persistent exercise routine. These techniques will break down the unwelcome toxic body deposits and send them scurrying out your body through the elimination channels we discussed above. And your health will be SO much better for it!

Foods that feed the skin include foods that are rich in lecithin, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants such as eggs, organ meats, a balance of Omega-3-6-9 oils like Udo's Choice, fresh dark green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, berries of all kinds, and dark chocolate (in condiment amounts--like an ounce a day!)

2. Dry brushing cleans the lymphatic system. Lymph is considered part of our immune system and is made of white blood cells called lymphocytes and the interstitial fluid that bathe our cells, bringing our cells nutrients and removing their waste. All detoxification occurs first and foremost through the lymph. Our bodies contain far more lymph than blood, so you can see how important this might be. Paavo Airola maintains that dry brushing is an essential part of any intestinal cleansing and healing program.

Dry brushing literally moves the lymph containing large proteins and particulate matter that cannot be transported in any other way back into circulatory system. If these proteins stayed in our systems outside the blood vessels, it would attract other fluid. Pretty soon we'd get swollen ankles, limbs and eventually we'd be leaking fluid out our skin (not a pretty sight.) This is called lymphedema and is why most health programs include some type of exercise and body work.

So, why don't we die if we don't do this dry brushing thing? Well, lymph vessels themselves have their own pumping mechanism sensing when the vessels have more fluid in them or in the interstitial fluids. Lymph only goes one way because of the many one-way valves on the insides of each lymph vessel. The body is a fascinating thing. It literally pumps the lymph along its path back to the heart. Removal of proteins from the interstitial spaces is an essential function. Without this happening, we would die within 24 hours. We can help speed this process up when we dry brush or massage toward the heart, contract our muscles and move our bodies (like when we walk or exercise.) Increased lymph flow can also be caused by high blood pressure. This is why it is so important to attend to this malady and why the doctors get into a frenzy of prescribing so many different medications for it. (Currently there are over 140 medications for high blood pressure!)

3. Dry brushing removes dead skin layers. Dry skin brushing helps shed dead skin cells, which can help improve skin texture and cell renewal. Dry skin is a sign of detoxification. Therefore it's good to keep the process going by removing the dead skin daily. If this does not occur, a "log jam" can happen where the person ends up with eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff.

4. Dry brushing strengthens the immune system. Dry skin brushing may reduce duration of infection and accelerate the clearing of toxins. It helps support the immune system during cancer and other chronic illness treatment. By stimulating the lymph vessels to drain toxic mucoid matter into organs of detoxification we can purify the entire system. After several days of dry brushing, sometimes you may notice a gelatinous mucoid material in your stools. This is a normal sign that the intestinal tract is renewing itself. Best of all, it feels invigorating!

5. Dry brushing stimulates the hormone and oil glands, thus helping all of the body systems perform at peak efficiency. The skin is your body's largest organ. When improperly maintained, the elimination duties of the skin are forced upon the kidneys. Chemical analysis of sweat shows that it has almost the same constituents as urine. If the skin becomes inactive, its pores choke with millions of dead cells, uric acid and other impurities which will remain in the body putting extra stress on the liver and kidneys. People with big hips and thighs usually have low-grade bladder infections. Another sign of this is that the body gives off a distinct sickening odor. When the bladder and kidney are really sick, the calves are often swollen as well and the feet stink. So, give your kidneys a break--keep your skin clean and rejuvenated. Bathe daily and do a dry brushing before the bath to help stimulate blood flow to the surface so that toxins can more easily escape.

6. Dry Brushing tightens the skin by increasing the flow of blood which, in turn moves toxins and lessens the appearance of cellulite. Our bodies make a new top layer of skin every 24 hours - skin brushing removes the old top layer, allowing the clean new layer to come to the surface, resulting in softer, smoother skin.

7. Dry Brushing tones the muscles. Dry skin brushing helps muscle tone by stimulating the nerve endings which causes the individual muscle fibers to activate and move. It also helps mobilize fat and helps to even distribution of fat deposits. This is a great technique for invalids who can't exercise.

8. Dry brushing stimulates circulation. Our skin breathes! And yet, in most people, this vital route of detoxification is operating far below its capacity, because it is clogged with dead skin cells and the un-removed waste excreted through perspiration. Dry skin brushing increases circulation to skin, encouraging your body's discharge of metabolic wastes. Increased blood flow begins entering the areas brushed and you will experience an increase in electromagnetic energy that permits you to feel energized and invigorated. By activating the circulation you can also prevent varicose veins.

9. Dry brushing improves the function of the nervous system--Dry skin brushing rejuvenates the nervous system by stimulating nerve endings in the skin.

10. Helps digestion -- Dry skin brushing helps your skin to absorb nutrients by eliminating clogged pores. Healthy, breathing skin contributes to overall body health. When you brush, the pores of your skin open allowing your skin to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins. Clogged pores are not just a cosmetic concern. Healthy, breathing skin contributes to overall body health.

What You Need To Do Dry Brushing:

To dry brush, use a soft natural fiber brush with a long handle, so that you are able to reach all areas of your body. One with a removable head with a strap for your hand is a good choice. A loofah sponge or a rough towel can also be used. Most nylon and synthetic fiber brushes are too sharp and may damage skin although I found a softer bath brush with nylon bristles that seems to do the trick. The important thing is to find something that is just right for your skin. Once your skin becomes "seasoned," you can switch to a coarser brush.

Tips and Tricks for Dry Brushing:

o Always dry brush your dry and naked body before you shower or bathe because you will want to wash off the impurities from the skin as a result from the brushing action.

o You can do the brushing head-to-toe or toe-to-head. It really doesn't matter as long as the entire body is brushed. Long sweeping strokes starting from the bottom of your feet upwards, and from the hands towards the shoulders, and on the torso in an upward direction help drain the lymph back to your heart.

Note: Stroking away from your heart puts extra pressure on the valves within the veins and lymph vessels and can cause ruptured vessels and varicose veins.

o Use light pressure in areas where the skin is thin and harder pressure on places like the soles of the feet.

o Skin brushing should be performed once a day, preferably first thing in the morning. A thorough skin brushing takes about 15 minutes, but any time spent brushing prior to bathing will benefit the body. If you are feeling ill, increasing the treatments to twice a day is good. You can also dry brush areas of cellulite five to 10 minutes twice a day to achieve cellulite dissolving but the technique needs to be done consistently for a minimum of five months.

o Avoid sensitive areas and anywhere the skin is broken such as areas of skin rash, wounds, cuts, and infections. Also, never brush an area affected by poison oak or poison ivy.

o Finish up with your regular shower and ending with three hot and cold cycles. That means turning on the water as hot as you can take it for several seconds, then as cold as you can handle it, then hot, then cold for three cycles. End with either hot or cold. This will further invigorate the skin and stimulate blood circulation, bringing more blood to the outer layers of the skin.

o After getting out of the shower, dry off vigorously and massage your skin with pure plant oils such as olive, avocado, apricot, almond, sesame, coconut or cocoa butter. Add a little peanut and Castor oil to the mix if you have arthritis. Edgar Cayce says this works to take out some of the pain, and we've found that to be true over the years.

o Clean your skin brush using soap and water once a week. After rinsing, dry your skin brush in an open, sunny spot to prevent mildew.

Any well designed program will take about 30 days to see and experience the changes. Please be patient and keep up the program! For a thorough lymphatic cleansing, perform skin brushing daily for a minimum of three months.

How to Dry Brush (Easy, Fast Instructions):

o Begin with your feet and brush vigorously in circular motions.

o Continue brushing up your legs.

o Proceed to your hands and arms.

o Brush your entire back and abdomen area, shoulders and neck.

o Use circular counter-clockwise strokes on the abdomen.

o Lightly brush the breasts.

o Brush upwards on the back and down from the neck. Better yet, have a friend, spouse or family member brush your back.

After brushing, take a hot shower with soap (about three minutes in duration), followed by a 10-20 second cold rinse. Repeat this procedure three times. If the hot/cold showers are too extreme, a warm shower can be used. Follow the shower with a rubdown with either a sponge or towel to remove dead skin.

Problems with dry, flaky or thickened skin on your feet? One of my favorite products obtained from your local Rite Aid Store is called Pretty Feet & Hands Rough Skin Remover. This stuff is awesome. Shake well before using. Pour about a quarter-size puddle of fluid into the palm of one hand, then rub the areas that have lots of dry skin on them. The dry skin balls up in your hand. Rinse the areas and apply lotion. Note: You can only do this process once a day. The product doesn't work after the area is wet or after a shower. It may take up to four days for those tough areas like the feet to make the skin like new. The product appears to be safe and does not cause allergic reactions. One 3-ounce bottle usually runs around

Dry Brushing: How To Do It, And Its Benefits

Dr. Denice Moffat is a practicing naturopath, medical intuitive, and veterinarian working on the family unit (which includes humans and animals) through her telephone consultation practice established in 1995. She has a content-rich website at http://www.NaturalHealthTechniques.com. Sign up for her free internationally distributed newsletter to receive a bonus report containing over 150 tips to improve your health starting today or follow her on Facebook for all the latest health updates and discussions at http://www.facebook.com/NaturalHealthTechniques.

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Choosing Spa Treatments - It's All in the Name

Shakespeare's much-loved heroine Juliet may well have felt that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" as far as her beloved Romeo was concerned. However, when it comes to the names of spa treatments, there's no doubt that a well-chosen and imaginative name certainly helps to grab the attention of prospective spa visitors more than a mundane, literal one.

Let's face it, if you were choosing between two treatments - one called "scrub treatment to remove dead skin" and the other called "Lavender and Tea Tree Exfoliation" - which would be more likely to appeal to you? For most of us, the latter would almost certainly seem more alluring, even if we knew deep down that a "Lavender and Tea Tree Exfoliation" may well involve precisely what the first option suggests...

Natural Body Spa

Other scrub pseudonyms at top UK spas include intriguingly titled treatments such as "Li'Tya Yanko" or "Madagascan Red Island Ritual". Unsurprisingly, names like these have spa-goers signing up in droves and, in fairness, these treatments don't tend to disappoint.

The first treatment involves a full body exfoliation that cleanses the spirit and revitalises the energy meridians, bringing tone and clarity to the skin. During this treatment, Australian oils are applied and desert salts are sprinkled over your skin, then massaged in to exfoliate and purify the skin. Finally, a warm shower rinses away any residual stresses, before cherry alder body lotion is applied to soothe and nurture. Sounds gooooood!

And judging by the detailed description of the Madagascan Red Island Ritual, this one is equally worth adding to your list of "spa treatments I'd love to try". It's billed as "a ritual with a strong sensorial dimension directly inspired by the rich and resourceful nature of Madagascar Island" - but what does it actually involve? Well, for a start, it appears that a fabulously fruity experience is in store...

This ingenious treatment combines the sweet scents of apricot, orange and argan fruit powders, blending them with spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and incorporating essential oils including grape, sunflower and apricot. All these natural ingredients conspire to create an indulgent, nurturing beauty treatment that leaves your whole body superbly silky and soft.

During the treatment, the therapist's professional hand massage technique is expertly complemented by the use of a unique wooden relaxer to apply 100% natural aromatherapy balms - the end result is that tension and knots simply melt away, to be replaced by feelings of comfort and relaxation.

So much for fabulous exfoliation techniques - what about other types of spa treatments? Are they blessed with equally irresistible names? A quick glance at the "pamper menu" of any self-respecting spa reveals that they certainly are.

For example, during your spa visit you could choose spa experiences such as Shakra Silks, Crystal Wand Therapy or even Visibly Stoned - not to mention Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) or Mini Lava Shell Tummy Treatment.

Alternatively, if you're more of a "get-up-and-go" than a "lie-back-and-be-pampered" type, energetically inspiring exercise class names such as Pom Pom Workout, Sinatra Swing and Hoola Hooping are sure to have you heading hotfoot for your chosen spa's gym or aerobics studio. Somehow, the rather pedestrian term "keep fit class" just doesn't have quite the same magnetic appeal.

So it seems that, despite what star-crossed lover Juliet may have thought, modern-day spa managers know that designations do matter. It really is all in the name.

Choosing Spa Treatments - It's All in the Name

Many of today's spa treatments boast truly fabulous names - and luckily for spa guests, the majority of them live up to those names.

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Natural Health - Avocado For Your Liver, Face, and Hair

Avocados are amazing. They are great for your liver (read why below), and can add luster to your hair and a sparkle to your face. They were once a luxury food reserved for the tables of royalty, but now people from all walks of life enjoy California avocados around the world.

Here are some avocado facts:

Natural Body Spa

--They are a fruit not a vegetable
--Sodium and cholesterol free
--Have 5 grams of good fat
--California produces about 90% of the nation's avocado crop
--San Diego County is the Avocado Capital of the U.S., producing 60% of all the avocados grown in California.
--California avocados rank among the lowest of all fruits and vegetables for pesticide use.

Why they are good for your liver: Avocados are a good source of glutathione. Glutathione is made up of amino acids that function as antioxidants and are very supportive to the liver. Glutathione levels decrease with age therefore it is beneficial to get natural sources of glutathione when possible.

Other ways to use avocados and experience its benefits:

Nourish and hydrate your hair with avocados:

--Mash an avocado
--Mix with one-tablespoon lemon juice
--Add one teaspoon of sea salt
--Add one tablespoon of pure aloe until it becomes a paste.
--Comb through hair with your fingertips
--Cover hair with a plastic shower cap or bag, and wrap a towel around it to seal in the treatment.
--Leave in for 20-30 minutes
--Unwrap your newly conditioned hair.
--Rinse, shampoo and rinse again for soft, luxurious hair!

Tighten and moisturize your face with avocados:

--Mash the meat of the avocado into a creamy texture
--Apply it thoroughly on face and-
-Leave for 15 - 20 minutes
--Rinse with warm water, then use cold water to close the pores.

Natural Health - Avocado For Your Liver, Face, and Hair

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Puffiness Under the Eyes

No matter how hard you try, applying eye makeup to conceal puffiness under the eyes doesn't work. Instead, it only makes the problem worse by highlighting the puffiness. Some people consider surgery as the ultimate remedy, but it is not guaranteed to work 100% of the time. Not to mention that surgery can cost you a lot and involves numerous risks. Now, how can you get rid of that sagging area under your eyes? Read on to find out the simple, natural, and affordable methods to eliminate puffiness under the eyes.

1. Get more sleep and rest.

Natural Body Spa

Bags under your eyes are a telling sign of lack of sleep and rest, aside from aging. If you always lack sleep, no amount of remedies will solve your woes. Thus, the number one rule in getting rid of puffiness under the eyes is to get adequate sleep. Try to sleep for 7 to 9 hours. That way, your body can get all the rest it needs to rejuvenate your body.

2. Drink lots of water.

Lack of water, along with lack of sleep, is the key ingredient of puffiness under the eyes. The body tends to retain more water if it senses a lack of water in the system. As a result, some of the water is retained under your eyes, making that area bigger than usual. To prevent this, your body needs to be hydrated. What better way to do that than drinking at least eight glasses of water everyday? In doing so, your body won't have to store water under your eyes, and the puffiness in that area will be removed.

3. Relax with cucumber or tea bags.

Cucumbers do wonders in getting rid of bags under the eyes. Here's what you must do to enjoy the wonderful benefits of cucumbers: slice a cool cucumber into circles (1/4 inch thick) and put the slices on your eyes. Relax for several minutes. Better yet, take a nap with the cucumber slices on your eyes­-this will invigorate your eyes and your mind, as well as reduce the puffiness under your eyes.

Tea bags have a similar effect, but it does so in just a matter of minutes. Use two tea bags to make hot tea and let them cool completely. When the teabags are already cool, put them on your eyes, lie down on your back, and relax. Then after three to four minutes, turn the teabags and relax for another few minutes. Finally, wash your face with cool water and pat it to dry.

4. Apply witch hazel on the eye bags.

Witch hazel is also a natural and effective remedy to get rid of eye bags. Before you use the witch hazel, cool it in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes. Next, apply it to the skin under the eyes using a cotton swab or ball. Witch hazel can help reduce the size of your eye bags as well as refresh and tighten the skin under the eyes.

It is safer and less costly to use natural remedies than undergoing surgery to reduce puffiness under the eyes. Try these remedies and enjoy their relaxing and beauty-enhancing effects!

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Puffiness Under the Eyes

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Natural Fungal Skin Cures

Perhaps the best-known fungal skin infections are athlete's foot and jock itch. Athlete' foot or tinea pedis produces mild to severe itching and burning on your feet especially between your toes.

The affected skin becomes soft and painful and may also crack. It is more common among men but anyone can get it.

Natural Body Spa

While athlete's foot targets the feet, jock itch invades the groin area. It produces persistent itching, along with redness and thickening of the skin. Jock itch is often thought of as a man's disease as wearing an athletic supporter creates the warm, moist environment that fungi love.

Toenails are vulnerable to fungal infections, too. The affected nails thicken and become discolored and perhaps deformed.

While fungal infections are uncomfortable and unpleasant,they are seldom serious but once you've experienced one you don't want it again. Also fungi are contagious and can spread by simple contact.

Tea tree oil which comes from Australia is an extremely strong antidote for any kind of fungal infection including the type that invades the toenails. Apply 100 percent tea tree oil twice a day to the affected area. Garlic and ginger both are also powerful fungi fighters and can be used by mixing them with hot water and applied directly to the affected area.

To prevent a fungal skin infection wear sandals or flip-flops when walking around bathrooms,locker rooms and spas. Keep infection prone area of skin as dry as possible. Dry the skin in your groin area and between your toes with a blow dryer and dust them with medicated powder. Change your socks often and let your feet air out.

Natural Fungal Skin Cures

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Natural Hair Removal Products

The most important and the common problem that the women and in some cases, the men, face is the unwanted hair growth in different parts of the body. Women feel that the unwanted hair growth mostly in their upper lips, chin, armpits etc has caused them great discomfort while attending important functions and social gatherings. So, women folk all over the world are finding ways to stem the growth of these unwanted hairs and the best way to remove the unwanted hair growth is going for the safe natural products which can be easily homemade. The natural hair removal products are now available in different varieties made by various manufacturers using varied natural ingredients like sugar syrup, cotton threads, lemon juice, honey, chamomile tea etc.

The most common among the natural hair removing product is the sugary gel that one can easily prepare in his or her home. Sugaring is one of the oldest methods of hair removal and has gained popularity in this modern age also. The natural ingredients used in the sugaring hair removal product are sugar, lemon juice, honey and molasses. All the ingredients are heated up for 2 to 3 minutes to get a smooth consistency. The application is also very simple. A little bit of cornstarch is applied on the area to be treated and the sugary solution is applied. Leave it for a few minutes and peel it off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Threading is another common type of natural hair removing product, wherein 100% cotton threads are twirled over the surface of the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This hair removal product is used for upper lips, chin and eyebrows. This product is very useful for people with sensitive skin and has to be used carefully.

Natural Body Spa

Bleaching the area of unwanted hair growth using the natural ingredients is another type of natural hair removal method. Nowadays, plenty of natural bleaching products are widely available all over the world which are 100% natural and safe. The main ingredients of this natural bleaching hair removal product are lemon juice, honey and chamomile tea. Also there are hair removal product solutions made from amazing mixture of exotic plant enzymes and rarest species of herbs. This solution changes the structure of the hair follicle, i.e. thick and coarse hair becomes softer, smaller and finer like a baby's hair. Finally it saturates the base of the hair follicle and stops hair growth permanently. This product is 100% organic and hence completely safe and is also painless.

There are also wide ranges of hair growth inhibitor products available these days. These are herbal solutions that provide permanent hair removal. This solution is commonly used by men who can apply it on thief face after having a close shave. The herbal solution will work on the skin and will inhibit the growth of the hair on the face that will help men from daily shaving hassles. Some of these natural products are on the expensive side because of the ingredients and the rarest of herbs used in preparing them. But the need and the demand for these natural hair removal products is a testimony to the fact that there has been a considerable decrease in the demand of other temporary hair removal products like tweezers, laser, waxing or electrolysis.

Natural Hair Removal Products

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Garlic - A Natural Treatment For MRSA Infections

MRSA - A Growing Problem

MRSA or Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus is a multi-drug resistant bacteria that is infecting millions of people around the world today. MRSA infections can be picked up while staying in a hospital or simply while visiting the gym or grocery store. Most often, MRSA infections affect the skin and can appear like red areas, small pimples, boils or abscesses. It can also infect surgical sites or lead to severe infections within the body causing endocarditis or osteomyelitis.

Natural Body Spa

MRSA treatments have become a big problem because MRSA is resistant to many standard antibiotic treatments. MRSA is now becoming resistant to new and "last resort" antibiotics as well. However, there are many natural, proven, powerful and effective antibiotics available today. In fact, most have been used for thousands of years. These natural MRSA treatments were the mainstay before the invention of today's antibiotics. One such potent antibacterial agent is your common household herb - garlic.

More Than 'Just Another Herb'

Garlic has been scientifically proven to be a powerful natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal agent. Garlic has also been shown to kill highly resistant MRSA infections in human clinical studies. In addition to its potent infection fighting abilities, garlic also helps lower blood pressure, promotes balanced intestinal health and is a powerful immune system booster.

In the Western world, garlic and other herbal remedies have not been embraced by mainstream medicine for the treatment of MRSA and other infections. In France and much of Europe, herbal medicine is considered normal and routine, with treatments using herbs and other natural products being fully covered by health insurance.

Garlic produces the compound allicin when crushed or bruised and allicin is also responsible for garlic's distinctive odor. Allicin and several other compounds in garlic have strong antibiotic activity. Unfortunately, allicin is rapidly oxidized after it is created.

Garlic supplement products are available from fresh garlic, dried garlic, freeze-dried garlic, garlic oil, and aged garlic. But not all garlic and garlic products contain the same amount of allicin. Garlic must be used fresh or processed specially to retain the allicin in a stable form.

A Proven MRSA Treatment

Properly prepared antimicrobial garlic products in powder and liquid form have been scientifically proven to kill MRSA in human clinical studies. And unlike antibiotic drugs that weaken your immune system, garlic actually boosts your immune system, providing powerful added benefits over the antibiotic drugs.

In 2008, Dr. Ron Cutler and the University of East London (UEL) released the results from a human clinical study performed on 52 patients with hospital acquired HA-MRSA. All 52 patients were treated with a form of stabilized allicin and recovered fully from their MRSA infections. Many of the wounds healed in just 4 to 12 weeks and many of the patients had previously been treated with multiple antibiotics with no improvement.

Using Garlic for MRSA Infections

Garlic can be eaten raw or juiced, taken internally as supplements and used externally on skin infections. Garlic is very safe with a long and successful track record as a food and natural medicinal herb.

Despite garlic's impressive track record of fighting infections and boosting the immune system, garlic alone is not enough to ensure long-term freedom from Staph and MRSA infections. If you want to be free from recurring infections, no single remedy by itself will likely provide long-term success against an MRSA infection.

The secret to long-term freedom from MRSA infections is to uncover and treat the underlying cause of the infection in addition to stopping the current infection. Even if garlic, antibiotic drugs or some other treatment method successfully stops your current infection, having a recurrence of the infection or getting secondary infections is likely unless the underlying cause of the infection is addressed and your immune system is strengthened.

Garlic - A Natural Treatment For MRSA Infections

Michelle Moore is a Microbiologist, Staph Researcher and Health Advocate who helps empower and educate people on how to overcome Staph and MRSA infections. With extensive experience in both the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Natural Health arena, Michelle has created a balanced approach that has helped thousands of people in understanding and overcoming their infections. Find out what your doctor isn't telling you by visiting MRSA and Staph Infection Treatment Resources or http://www.Staph-Infection-Resources.com.

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Get Rid Of Body Odor - Smelling Better And Sweating Less

No one likes being near someone with excessive body odor. When you are the one with too much odor, you are very uncomfortable especially if you are somewhere that you can't immediately take care of the problem.

How to get rid of body odor in a few simple steps.

Natural Body Spa

Eat different food. If you eat the typical diet high in processed foods avoiding fruits and vegetables, then there is a much higher chance that the body odor can be unpleasant. Things like red meat, onions, garlic, and foods high in iodine can cause unpleasant odors. Caffeine and alcohol can increase perspiration which adds to the body odor problem. Replace some of these foods with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Trim Body Hair. Body hair especially under the armpits can retain some bacteria. When you sweat this bacteria can start to really stink. Keeping body hair maintained can help with an odor problem.

Go ahead and have a good sweat. This might not seem too logical, but think of it this way. Your body has things that it needs to get out by sweating. This can come out while you are exercising or can come out while you are on your date. Go sweat out what needs to be sweat out from time to time.

Use anti-bacterial soaps in problem areas. Bacteria will cause sweat to stink more. Getting rid of bacteria in areas of the body that tend to sweat more can keep the odor more under control. This is something that you should be doing at least everyday for best results.

Reduce sweating. If you aren't sweating as much, there is less chance of having body odor. Some people tend to sweat more under the same conditions compared to other people. Getting plenty of water for example is a way of regulating the internal body temperature to help reduce sweating.

Get Rid Of Body Odor - Smelling Better And Sweating Less

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How to Remove Dark Spots on Your Skin - Top 3 Natural Cures For Removing Dark Spots & Freckles

Dark spots are also known as hyper pigmentation. It is a common dermatological problem that can be easily cured as well as prevented. There are various causes for the appearance of these spots such as medications, pregnancy, liver disorder and UV light. The accumulation of excess melanin in our body due to constant exposure to sunlight is the main the reason behind the appearance of dark spots. A good skin care regimen is extremely important for discarding these blemishes.

Top 3 Natural Cures For Removing Dark Spots & Freckles

Natural Body Spa

* Diet: You should preferably take a balanced diet for removing skin complications. One should include lots of high fibrous foods such as fruits and vegetables in his or her diet for flushing out toxins. You should also drink plenty of water for keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized. It is advisable to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily. A good nightly sleep is important for treating skin complications such as dark spots and freckles. You should sleep at least 8 hours daily.

* Sunscreen Lotion: A good lifestyle is the key for removing dark spots on your skin. It is advisable to apply sunscreen lotion with high SPF always before going outside. It mainly protects your skin from harmful UV rays. You should also wear sunglasses and take an umbrella for preventing the appearance of these blemishes.

* Ointments: There are various ointments in the market that promises to diminish these marks but it is always advisable to check the ingredients before purchasing any of these products. Meladerm is one of the most preferred skin lighteners that claim to diminish dark spot and skin discolorations within 2-3 weeks. It contains natural ingredients such as kojic acid, licorice extract, lemon juice extract etc. This ointment can inhibit the production of melanin in our body with ease.

How to Remove Dark Spots on Your Skin - Top 3 Natural Cures For Removing Dark Spots & Freckles

Dark Spots and Freckles need to be removed from the skin with caution & care. To know more about the best skin Lighteners that work & have no side effects

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3 Ways to Tighten and Tone Body Skin Naturally For Dramatic Results That Last

It is possible today to tighten and tone body skin naturally without using surgery or Botox injections. It is simply a matter of knowing the right ingredients to use that are proven to be very effective.

It is also important to avoid most of the mainstream remedies and skin creams because they tend to contain harmful additives like parabens, fragrances and mineral oil. These clog up your pores and strip away your natural oils and offer little benefits for tightening your skin, especially for the long term.

Natural Body Spa

To have long lasting healthy and younger looking skin, try using the following in your beauty regime.

#1 Exfoliate

This is a very underused and quick method to help tighten and tone body skin and revive your more vibrant glow!

By taking off the dead outer layer of skin and revealing the new skin underneath, it helps to allow moisturizers to penetrate more effectively and stimulates the circulation to increase the amount of nutrients reaching the surface.

#2 Natural Skin Creams

Natural means the absence of any harmful chemicals at all. It helps if you only select from companies that display the Compact For Safe Cosmetics logo on their site as this means no harmful substances are used.

To tighten and tone body skin properly you need ingredients that stimulate your body to make more collagen and elastin, the proteins that keep your skin firm and youthful and which are lost as you age.

In addition powerful antioxidants, plant extracts and nutrients are needed to deeply moisturize and combat the free radicals which damage your healthy cells and lead to aging. As your collagen levels rise, your skin will become firmer and lines and wrinkles will start to fade away.

Some of the best to look out for include Cynergy TK, Phytessence wakame, Babassu wax, Avocado Oil, Vitamin E and active Manuka honey.

#3 Premium Fish Oils

It may surprise you to learn that certain fish oils significantly reverse the signs of aging while still delivering the important health benefits for your heart and brain.

Look for added antioxidants like astaxanthin from algae and lycopene from tomato oil as these are proven to help improve the health and youthful appearance of your skin.

They are able to increase the thickness and density to make it more resilient in the future and reduce the scaly feel and roughness commonly associated with older and dryer skin. They basically help to moisturize your skin from the inside out.

If you use these ways to tighten and tone your body skin, you can soon look forward to looking as young as you feel once again.

To learn more about these amazing natural substances and why I choose to use them daily, visit my website below.

3 Ways to Tighten and Tone Body Skin Naturally For Dramatic Results That Last

Discover the best natural creams to tighten and tone body skin available today.

Rachel Hammond is a dedicated researcher of high quality natural skin care. Take a moment to visit her site now at www.best-health-and-beauty.com and discover the very latest and effective anti-aging skin care she recommends after extensive research.

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