Choosing Spa Treatments - It's All in the Name

Shakespeare's much-loved heroine Juliet may well have felt that "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" as far as her beloved Romeo was concerned. However, when it comes to the names of spa treatments, there's no doubt that a well-chosen and imaginative name certainly helps to grab the attention of prospective spa visitors more than a mundane, literal one.

Let's face it, if you were choosing between two treatments - one called "scrub treatment to remove dead skin" and the other called "Lavender and Tea Tree Exfoliation" - which would be more likely to appeal to you? For most of us, the latter would almost certainly seem more alluring, even if we knew deep down that a "Lavender and Tea Tree Exfoliation" may well involve precisely what the first option suggests...


Other scrub pseudonyms at top UK spas include intriguingly titled treatments such as "Li'Tya Yanko" or "Madagascan Red Island Ritual". Unsurprisingly, names like these have spa-goers signing up in droves and, in fairness, these treatments don't tend to disappoint.

Choosing Spa Treatments - It's All in the Name

The first treatment involves a full body exfoliation that cleanses the spirit and revitalises the energy meridians, bringing tone and clarity to the skin. During this treatment, Australian oils are applied and desert salts are sprinkled over your skin, then massaged in to exfoliate and purify the skin. Finally, a warm shower rinses away any residual stresses, before cherry alder body lotion is applied to soothe and nurture. Sounds gooooood!

And judging by the detailed description of the Madagascan Red Island Ritual, this one is equally worth adding to your list of "spa treatments I'd love to try". It's billed as "a ritual with a strong sensorial dimension directly inspired by the rich and resourceful nature of Madagascar Island" - but what does it actually involve? Well, for a start, it appears that a fabulously fruity experience is in store...

This ingenious treatment combines the sweet scents of apricot, orange and argan fruit powders, blending them with spices such as cinnamon and ginger, and incorporating essential oils including grape, sunflower and apricot. All these natural ingredients conspire to create an indulgent, nurturing beauty treatment that leaves your whole body superbly silky and soft.

During the treatment, the therapist's professional hand massage technique is expertly complemented by the use of a unique wooden relaxer to apply 100% natural aromatherapy balms - the end result is that tension and knots simply melt away, to be replaced by feelings of comfort and relaxation.

So much for fabulous exfoliation techniques - what about other types of spa treatments? Are they blessed with equally irresistible names? A quick glance at the "pamper menu" of any self-respecting spa reveals that they certainly are.

For example, during your spa visit you could choose spa experiences such as Shakra Silks, Crystal Wand Therapy or even Visibly Stoned - not to mention Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian massage) or Mini Lava Shell Tummy Treatment.

Alternatively, if you're more of a "get-up-and-go" than a "lie-back-and-be-pampered" type, energetically inspiring exercise class names such as Pom Pom Workout, Sinatra Swing and Hoola Hooping are sure to have you heading hotfoot for your chosen spa's gym or aerobics studio. Somehow, the rather pedestrian term "keep fit class" just doesn't have quite the same magnetic appeal.

So it seems that, despite what star-crossed lover Juliet may have thought, modern-day spa managers know that designations do matter. It really is all in the name.

Choosing Spa Treatments - It's All in the Name

Many of today's spa treatments boast truly fabulous names - and luckily for spa guests, the majority of them live up to those names.