Dead Sea Salt - Anti-Aging Naturally

Anti-aging - Mineral Rich

These genuine essential minerals enhance your skin's natural ability to retain moisture. Retaining moisture in your skin will help keep lines and wrinkles from forming, making it smooth and healthy.

\"Mineral Springs\"

Dead Sea salts can be used widely in anti-aging skin care products for the body, face, and hair, treating skin aliments, aromatherapy, or simply bathing.

Dead Sea Salt - Anti-Aging Naturally

Deep Sea Benefits

Genuine Dead Sea salt provides the highest mineral content possible. Minerals such as calcium chloride, magnesium, bromine, potassium, and many others are vital for your skin's health and proper function. This composition improves cell metabolism and contributes to its restoration and regeneration.

Dead Sea products can exfoliate your skin, clean your pores, and help rid your skin of toxins.

This natural salt will work therapeutic wonders. Used as a soak or spa bath treatment, the crystals will nourish, cleanse, and refresh your skin. A Sea Salt bath provides a medium for deep relaxation, as well as a feast of minerals for the skin. This luxury was once relegated to high-end spas and expensive skin clinic's, but now therapeutic salt baths are becoming common practice in homes all across America.

Bringing the Dead Sea properties right into the privacy of your home for relaxation and relief, the widely reputed soothing effects of it can now be enjoyed. Now every bathtub and jacuzzi can be a private spa, rich in benefits of Dead Sea salt and its life giving minerals.

Another benefit it offers is its effective relief from psoriasis, eczema, hemorrhoids, muscular pain and stress induced tension. Many people travel from all over the world to the Dead Sea to find relief from their skin aliments. The minerals in the salt are also naturally present in our skin cells. When some of these minerals are lost it can cause skin to appear dull, become dry, and wrinkles may set in.

Using Dead Sea salt ant-aging products will help restore and improve the over-all health and vitality of the skin. Not only are these minerals able to help in slowing down the aging process, but they are also able to improve the condition of our skin and enhance it's natural beauty.

History "Mystic"

The therapeutic and beautifying properties on the skin have been legendary for centuries.

Cleopatra - the queen of ancient beauty was legendary for her magically youthful looks throughout her whole life.

She went to great expense to obtain exclusive rights over the Dead Sea area so she could gain access to supplies of Dead Sea salt and black mud. The remains of the first cosmetic factory commissioned to be built by Cleopatra are still visible today.

It is said the secret to the beauty of her skin was the anti aging effect of bath salts, mud and cosmetics made with Dead Sea salt.

Unique elements of nature

The Dead Sea forms part of the Israeli-Jordan border, fed by the Jordan River. This unique sea has no out-flow. The high rate of evaporation produces the large quantities of raw chemicals that are extracted and exported world wide.

It is some of the saltiest water anywhere in the world, almost 9 times as salty as the ocean. It is the most un-drownable lake on earth because of the extremely high concentration of mineral salts in the water. It makes it impossible to sink below the surface and one can float effortlessly.

A unique combination of the chemical composition of the water, the mineral-rich mud, and the adjacent fresh water and mineral springs - A trip to the Dead Sea will rejuvenate your spirit, body, and mind. You don't have to wait to take a trip to the Middle East to soak up the benefits - Bring the Dead Sea to you - experience the beauty products.

Dead Sea Salt - Anti-Aging Naturally

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